How to Talk to Women About Sex: Come-ons

Talking to women about sex is hard. Understanding how she really feels about sex is harder.

Don’t worry… once you’re done with this article, you’ll know exactly how to talk to a woman about sex and how to get her to start the conversation.

Ever want to know how talk to women about sex?

Maybe you wanted your girlfriend or wife to try more exciting things in bed… Or maybe you want to know how to talk to women you just met about sex. You want to learn how to turn them on and to make them want you. Whatever the case, knowing how to talk to women about sex is tough, when you don’t yet know what to say. If you say one wrong word, then BOOM – it’s over. So you better say the right thing or keep your mouth shut… right?

Luckily for you, I never was good at keeping my mouth shut.

I tried many things… and lost many women. I was always trying to figure out exactly how to talk to women about sex. In the process, I learned some very true, powerful lessons, I’m excited to share them with you – for free – in this very article.

The first lessons to help you talk with women about sex…

Onto the very first lesson I learned: All women are not the same. And you can never talk to women about sex in the same way, or you’re going to get shot down way more than you have to.

Here’s the skinny: Women like different things about sex.

Women have different fantasies and different preferences. Some women like dressing up in S&M gear. Some women like it slow and soft… and… slow and soft ONLY! So if you want to talk to women about sex, specifically the type of sex talk YOU like to have, you have to talk to them in their own, specific way.

How to talk to women about sex

She loves sex too, so try just directly talking about it with her

Do you have questions about sex? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer each one personally.

One type of woman likes to talk  about sex in a very forward, open, and direct way.

You can say what’s on your mind to her, she’s sexually liberated, and she’ll be glad you opened up to her. In fact, if she likes what you have to say, she’s likely to go home with you… just to try it out. HINT: You can find this type of woman by looking for tattoos, or looking for a woman who’s adventurous. In addition, you can look for women who take risks with their health. Maybe they like to take drugs or they have piercings.

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WARNING: Talking directly to a woman who’s shy or sexually reserved is going to scare her off… or WORSE. You could gross her out and turn her off. That’s why you have to use this second technique…

Another type of woman likes to hint about sex as you talk about other stuff.  

This is called using sexual innuendos. Basically, you want to use words like thrust, deep, come, and hard to hint about sex – while you’re talking about something safe. For example, let’s say you’re out eating dinner, and something she’s eating gets juices onto her lips. You can say, “Baby, you’re dripping all over the place.” Then you can look at her with a smile.

You see… ? You are talking about sex, without talking about sex. The way to know how to talk to women about sex, so you turn them on and make them want to tear your clothes off is simple.

Do you know what type of girl you are talking to?

For example, you’re out to dinner with a friend that you’ve known for a while. Maybe even a girl you used to date, but it ended badly. You notice she’s more of the quiet, reserved type, so you approach sex using the “dripping” line above. She smiles, looks shocked, and touches you on the arm. From there, you can talk to this woman about sex in a much more forward way.

Do you have any questions about talking to women in bars? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer personally. 

The key is knowing which type of woman she is…

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