Talking Dirty To Her With Words Learned From A Thesaurus

Okay.  So, you’ve heard about this thing called talking dirty to her, and I am going to teach you exactly how to do it right.

One of the best things about talking dirty to her is that it’s kind of like being in your own movie and you’re the star. It’s an opportunity for you to get a little artistic, creative, adventurous, wild, naughty, and begin to try some new things;  along the road to living your ultimate sexual fantasies and desires, talking dirty to her is one of the first steps.

Talking Dirty

It’s very important that you get this down and move on, because there are lots of more fun things to do after this: things like threesomes,  sex outdoors, cool little sexual experiments and other things to try out – they’re all waiting for you. So don’t get bogged down with this introductory stuff.  Start to experiment with talking dirty to her immediately.

Any time you’re kissing, getting intimate, or having sex with a girl, start to talk more.

Now, don’t talk the whole time, obviously — maybe a sentence here, or a sentence there, but start to be comfortable integrating words and verbal surprises with your sexuality. If you want to start talking dirty to her, then you’ve got to not take it all too seriously. Check out a thesaurus for some different sorts of words to use. There is a book devoted to Shakespearean curses. Maybe you can find a similar one devoted to old style sexual innuendo and flirtation. You could start with his sonnets, which are a bunch of love poems.

Start to talk while you’re having fun intimately with girls, and throw in some of these words you’ve committed to memory, if you can, which I’ll bet she’s never heard before.  At least, not in this kind of situation. I learned to do this from once dating a girl who was very vocal. See, I told you girls were a very good source of sexual knowledge. She was very good at saying what she liked, she talked during sex, she said really wild things, and what that did for me is open up a whole new world of possibility.

One of the things I recommend for my students is to see if they can find a girl who’s very sexually relaxed and confident, who doesn’t think sex is a big deal; maybe she’s had sex with quite a few guys.

Find a girl like that to really start to explore your sexuality with, because what’s likely to happen for you is that you’re going to feel safe trying out new things, and you’re probably going to learn quite a few things, too. So, don’t have any bad sort of beliefs or thoughts about women who are very sexually open and expressive. Think of them as your teachers. You can even play a game of schoolmistress and schoolboy, while you’re at it. These are the sorts of women  you really want to be meeting when you’re starting out, and they’re the women you want to be sharing your sexual journey with, because — believe me –you’re going to learn a lot from them.


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