Talking To Girls Is Easy, If You Talk Like They Do

Girls love to talk, if you can talk like they do they are going to love you.

Want to know how?

Read on to find out the secret.

Talking To Girls Is Easy, If You Talk Like They Do

Do you know how women communication? Time to learn

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Women talk different.

I’d say the biggest difference between the way you converse with males versus females is that men tend to talk very logically and very structurally, whereas women talk more about experiences and feelings; getting engaged with their senses. The biggest change you want to make if you want to impress women is to change from the factual to the emotional. This can definitely make it easier for you to connect with a woman.  You can really get her to open up and feel more comfortable talking to you.

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Women talk emotional.

Let me see if I can show you If I can show you what I mean by the difference between a logical and an experiential conversation, it would be the following example. Take a man who says to you, “Hey, I went shopping today, and I bought two shirts,” which is usually the way that guys actually converse. If you’re engaging a woman, you might say, “I went shopping today and I bought these new shirts because I loved how they felt on my skin. I really liked the texture of one of them and I decided to get a few different colors.” That is really giving more of a colorful image and showing that you can express your senses…not just stating facts.

Show your intention.

The next thing I am going to says a bit of a no brainer but it is amazing how many guys get it wrong. Show that you are interested in her. It’s definitely a powerful skill to be able to have a sense of curiosity when you’re engaging with a woman. It will definitely act as fodder to move the conversation towards her interests.  Having a certain sense of curiosity about what her passions are or what she enjoys, really wanting to get to know who she is as a person, is definitely important in conversing with and attracting women.

Women want to feel like it’s not just their looks that you’re after. While they might know how to be attractive women, it’s the fact that you’re really getting to see who they are as a person that will get them hooked on you.

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