Talking to Older Women Online

Are you one of the guys, who likes to talk to older women online?

It can be fun… but it can also be confusing. There are generational gaps, and differences in opinion can drive a wedge between you. So how can you connect?

Talking to older women

Older women can be HOT... here's how to keep up

Talking to older women doesn’t have to be hard.

Say you are a guy in your early 20s… yet you like talking to girls who are in their late 30s; how do you deal with that? Is she going to like you back?  Does it have a chance of working?  What are the sorts of things you say or talk about? How do you talk to an older women online? In modern culture, if you look at people like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, it’s becoming a lot more acceptable for older women to date younger guys.

Dating older women isn’t a big deal.

Particularly with women getting into their sexual prime (which is their 30s), a lot of women are very charged up sexually, and older men struggle to keep up. You may think you are good enough already, but what will give you the confidence to talk to older women online is knowing that they love young guys. I mean, they really love them.

She just wants you for sex.

A lot of older women like the idea of having a younger guy just for sex and younger guys might not realize this. They might think they need to be good at conversation, take her on nice dates, and somehow be at her level, but for a lot of older women, that’s not what they want at all. They just want someone to have hard, hot sex with.  When an older woman is looking at a younger guy, she is not really selecting you for having deep, philosophical conversations.

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She is really thinking about you in terms of having fun, going wild, and having some crazy times.

That really is the secret to talking to older women online. Because with most guys her age, they are down to wanting sex maybe once or twice a week, month, or even year (hard to believe, I know, which is why it is important to use it while you can), whereas younger men are usually up for having it 3 or 4 times a day. Women in their 3os are more of a sexual match for guys in their younger 20s who have lots of testosterone, than older guys are.  What I recommend is just to go with it.

Just be wild.

Take all the pressure off yourself to live up to what you think are her standards, to be some older man or cultured, because that’s not what she wants. She just wants some racy, wild sex,  to cut loose, to have a good time, and to go a little crazy. What I recommend is to allow her to do that, allow her to live out her fantasies, even if it involves using you for sex — I can’t think of a reason why that’s a bad thing. Don’t hesitate when you see older women or meet them online; message them and ask them out.  Get over your fear of it, because a lot of older women are very predatory and are on the lookout for young guys.

A lot of older women are much more aggressive.

When they are younger, they worry about social pressure, money, security, children and all kinds of other future stuff, but older and more mature women are ready to go wild and  cut loose, and they really don’t care anymore about what other people think. Talking to older women online is not only not a challenge, it is possibly a lot more rewarding than you might realize.

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