Talking To Women On The Phone

Hate Talking To Women On The Phone?

You Won’t After Reading This…

Talking To Women On The Phone

Make Her Happy When You Call.


Is it Harder for Men?

Men are not as hip to talking on the phone like women are. I believe women were born with a phone talking gene. Men apparently were not. Men may spend hours pondering on how to talk to a woman on the phone, and neve really get close to the right answer.

This is one of my favorite types of conversation, because I consider myself a master talker when using the phone to talk to women. I talk well, because I can build connections, make people laugh, and convey my value through a phone conversation. In other words, I am able to read people very well and can respond accordingly. I’m going to teach you how to do the same.

I have learned a few great tricks over the years and will pass them along to you on how to talk to women on the phone, and do it well. If you pay attention and follow my advice, you should get the results (dates) that you desire.

1. Learn to Read Voices

How do you read someone on the phone by their voice, when you cannot see their body language or expressions?

The answer is that you have to master reading voices by understanding the hidden levels of communication in phone conversations. You will also have to learn to read between the lines, because unfortunately for men, women are masters of phone conversation, and they often talk between the lines.

2. Gain Experience

The minute your conversation begins on the phone with a woman, try to identify who they are as a person, what makes them tick, and what makes them unique.

This will take practice.

You will improve quickly by talking to many girls on the phone on a regular basis. With practice comes experience. You will soon become adept at reading what is important to them, what is going to work when asking them out, what they secretly want to get out of the conversation, and what they are saying between the lines.

3. Send a Text Message Before Calling

I will often send a text message before I call. In the text I send, I will often say something intriguing (for more information on this, get a copy of my No Flakes DVD set).

I might say something like “I might give you a call tomorrow about something I want to ask you”. This creates a spirit of expectation, and builds anticipation.

Women thrive on anticipation.

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This will help build her excitement about my call. Because the message is also intriguing, it will peak her interest and arouse her curiosity. You want her to look forward to your call. When you do call, be intriguing. Give her something to think about after the call is over.

4. Be Relaxed

While you talk to her on the phone, you definitely want to be relaxed in your tone. Convey through your voice that you are in a good mood and glad to be sharing a conversation with her. Try calling later at night so that you have time to talk. This also ensures that you will be on her mind before she goes to sleep. She might even dream about you.

That can only benefit you in the long run.

5. Use Intrigue

I have used this word a few times in this article because it is an important concept to grasp. The point of talking to a girl on the phone is to get a date and to see her again. Make sure you have a game plan before calling.

Create a bit of mystery and excitement about the date by planning a surprise, or leaving some of the details out. This creates intrigue. For example, ask her to bring a camera, but do not say why. This will have her milling over in her mind what will be happening rather than debating in her mind about whether she wants to go on the date or not.

Women love the element of surprise, even if they seem to hate the idea of key information being left out. They thrive on anticipation, and adding intrigue will drive them crazy, which is a powerful weapon in your arsenal for getting dates.

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. I recommend that you start experimenting with using intrigue in your conversations with women, particularly on the phone. If you follow my advice, you will become more successful talking with women on the phone in less time talking them into a date.

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