Techniques For Attracting Women

Techniques For Attracting Women

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Thousands of techniques for attracting women have been written, spoken, and thought about. Some work well, others not so well. Here are a few that are guaranteed to help.

When trying to attract a woman, one must strike a balance between establishing a presence, a confident force to be reckoned with, and not seeming cocky, threatening, or desperate. The first thing to think about is how you present yourself.

A big part of this is clothing; however, there are many styles and “looks” that are effective. The point is to present yourself in a positive manner and one which does not clash with the environment you are in.

When approaching a woman that you are attracted to, the first thing to keep in mind is to not face her directly with your body. You should appear upright and confident, but do not aim your frame directly at her – this would come across as needy and desperate. Furthermore, if you don’t face her squarely it will add a certain element of mystery to your approach.

When trying to attract a woman, it is, of course, necessary to talk to her. Many men worry endlessly about what words or lines to say to a woman to make her instantly attracted to them. Most of the “clever” lines found on the internet, however, do not work.

Instead, be simple with your introduction. Classic phrases such as, “Can I buy you a drink?” or introducing yourself work well. The point is to put her at ease and not on the defensive, while establishing yourself as a clear, confident, and potentially sexual presence – not a cheesy, desperate man trying to get laid.

While talking to her, making eye contact is very important. Looking away from her often seems like you are nervous, and reasons not to look down at other parts of her body are obvious. One effective way to attract a woman while talking to her, however, is to look away from her eyes and briefly settle your gaze on her lips – only for a moment.

This is especially effective after you have been talking for a while and seem to be hitting it off well. Do this one or two times, not too much more. It will make her think about kissing you (or doing even more).

Finally, it is more important to avoid appearing desperate then it is to be persistent.

When trying to attract a woman, one must understand that some women will not make it clear that they are interested at all. In these cases, it is crucial not to appear to be trying too hard, and that it seems like you would not care if she left.

You are trying to be friendly and likeable of course, but a certain degree of aloofness is sometimes necessary; you must make it seem like you are in control and not desperate. This will intrigue her. It must be said, however, that sometimes you have to know when to quit and move on; no one can score every time!