Tell A Girl You Like Her With Confidence

Tell A Girl You Like Her With Confidence

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If you really like a girl, you probably want to know how and when you should tell her. Instead of going with your gut and making a mistake, follow my tips to do it right.

Stating your feelings is often the best way to get a girl to like you back. But, you don’t want her to be shocked or surprised rather than elated; the key to avoiding this situation is all in the timing.

I remember back to before I worked on improving this part of my technique with girls.

I have one clear memory about a girl in high school that I had been crushing on for a number of years. When I finally worked up the courage to walk up to her and ask her if she would be my girlfriend, her response was not what I had hoped for.

I clearly remember the look on face – shock about how I’d gone about expressing my feelings. Unsurprisingly, her response to me was: “No, you seem like a sweet guy, I think you’re a really good friend, but, yeah, I’m not interested in being in a relationship with you.”

Guys shouldn’t be so forward with their feelings…

What I’ve learned now, which I wish I had known back then, is that it’s best for a guy not to directly state his interest in a girl – at least in the initial stages of any relationship. What he should be able to is communicate nonverbally, with eye contact, facial gestures, and the way that he looks at the girl he likes.

For instance, we often point our bodies towards things that we’re interested in. So, if a guy points his body in a girl’s direction, that’s a subtle signal to the girl of his intent.

If you can get better at expressing your interest on a nonverbal level, while on a verbal level you keep everything cool and collected, you will actually work on building sexual tension. The contrast between what you’re expressing through verbal and nonverbal communication really gets a girl aware and excited.

Getting the girl you like to think about you…

You will find a girl then thinks, in her conscious mind: “Does he like me or does he not like me?”  When there’s a bit of doubt, you find the girl starts to think about you more and more. She has a lack of resolution around this particular topic, so much that she wants to work a little bit harder to get some.

So, she’ll start paying a little more interest in you. As she does this, she starts to invest in you emotionally and think about you more often.

This heightens her attraction towards you. Once she gets to that point, you can start to focus on making statements of intent. These are statements that essentially let her know that you’re interested in her – but they do it in a credible way.

You really want to avoid overtly stating that you like a girl before you’ve actually developed a proper sexual connection. Following this simple strategy, telling a girl you like her shouldn’t hold you back again.