Tell A Girl You Love Her So She Knows You Mean It

Tell A Girl You Love Her So She Knows You Mean It

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I only start to think about revealing my love to girls verbally in the latter stages of relationships. For a guy living in the Western world, verbalizing love can be difficult, as showing emotions can be considered quite a feminine thing.

With the fear of rejection ripe, it’s difficult to tell a girl you love her – wearing our hearts on a sleeve is not something us men do lightly. So: here’s how to do it right.

Man up!

But, really, it’s not at all – showing your true feelings and being man enough to do so is a brave move. Initially, when I was very shy, to tell a girl I loved her I had to prepare a speech. I had to think about how I was going to say it, rather than just say, “Hey, I love you,” because I really wanted it to come across as if I really meant it.

Just using spontaneous words may not be great for you, especially when you are a little nervous. Mumbling is not uncommon. To express yourself in the right way, you need to put what you say together well.

Say something like, “I know I don’t tell you this often, and it’s not because I don’t, it’s just that I’m not good at communicating my feelings, but I sincerely love you. You’re a really special person in my life.” It doesn’t sound like much, but rehearsing the right words in your mind makes them sound better out loud.

Do I have to do it face-to-face?

When you tell a girl you love her, do it in person and not just in a text message, email, or Facebook status update. Say it in person – it means a lot more.

Another thing – when I first started trying to open up to my ex, after I said I loved her I would then make a joke. This was to break the tension a little bit and even save some face. That was just my way of dealing with something that I was uncomfortable with, but it really took a lot of the meaning away, so it wasn’t great for the moment. So, don’t be tempted to use a joke to try lightening the mood up. Make sure you are sincere and honest, and her reply will surely be positive.

The worst thing you can do is sound robotic. If you are really feeling love for your girl, let her see that love come out of you in what you say and how you say it.

Setting the scene for love…

You should also tell a girl you love her in a romantic environment. It might be the first time you’ve told her that you love her, so do it with a nice backdrop. For instance, over a candlelit dinner, where there is a romantic, intimate mood. This makes it seem like more of an appropriate time to tell her your true feelings.

One thing’s the same with all women: they want to feel loved, and telling your girlfriend you love her – as long as it’s not too early in the relationship – almost never backfires. So, stop biting your tongue and say those three magic words.

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