Text A Girl And Spike Her Interest

Text A Girl And Spike Her Interest

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You’ve just had a great interaction with that cute girl on the street and you’ve got her number. Now that you’ve got it, you’re a little stumped.  What sort of things can you text to a girl that will spike her interest?

You pick up your phone and think about calling her, but then what would you actually say? Texting seems easier and less stressful, but now you’re wondering how to start a text conversation with a girl. You start to write a text, but half way through delete it thinking that it will just make you sound silly. Now you’re going around and around with worry.

If this has been a challenge for you, stop stressing. I’ll reveal exactly what to say in a text message and how you can smoothly transition from text to phone conversation so that she’ll think you’re a pro.

One of the biggest advantages of texting, particularly when you’re initiating that first contact with a girl, is that it’s an incredible low investment. When you call a girl, it puts her in a complicated position. She has to make a quick decision on whether she wants to talk to you or not.

If you’ve already had a great interaction with her and she really likes you, this could create some pressure for her. It might be a pressure that she may not want to deal with at the moment. It’s much easier for her to let it go through to voice mail and then decide if she wants to respond later on.

A text message on the other hand creates far less pressure. She has time to read what you’ve written and she also has time to think about how she would like to respond. Replying to text messages is also something that most girls in this day and age are pros at. It’s for this reason that I like to talk to a girl by text first and then transition to a phone call later on. So, how exactly do you go about texting a girl you like?

Keep your text fun and playful…

If you start off being too serious you are going to lose her from the get go. There is a balance needed, because many beginners start out with trying to be too playful. You want to tease her, but you want to reel her in bit by bit.

Call back humor is one way that you can get that perfect balance. Call back humor is essentially referring back to something that came up during your initial interaction with the girl. It might be a fun nickname that you gave her, or something that you teased her about, or even just an interesting moment from the interaction.

The great thing about call back humor is that it will instantly take her back to the fun emotions that she experienced the first time you met. It also creates an emotional charge that propels her to take action in texting you back. If you nail call back humor in your initial text messages, your response rate will be as high as 97%.

Keep your text relatively short…

Once again, your focus here is to be low investment from the start. Make it easy for her to respond. If you write a novel in your first text it will make her question your motives and possibly scare her off. It gives her the sense that you’re trying too hard. Long text messages can be powerful, but you want to save them until you’ve built up a bit of momentum. So, short and sweet is perfect when you are just beginning.

Make sure you elicit a response…

One of the biggest challenges guys face is getting a girl to respond to their text message. How do you do it? My granddad had a phrase that I think fits perfectly here, “If you’re going to go fishing, make sure you use the right bait.” If you text girls and they don’t respond, you’re in trouble.

Because of this, you need to fish for ways that will entice her to respond. The number one way to do this is to tap a question on to the end of your text messages. This is okay initially, but don’t continue doing this at the end of each text. You’re going to reek of desperation. Your purpose is to text a girl to spark attraction. So, a better approach is to use intrigue.

I outline a number of powerful ways that you can do this is in my No Flakes product. Something that you can start on today is just leaving valuable bits of information out of your statements. An example of how you might do this is if she asks you what you’ve done today.

You might reply, “I was shooting a really cool YouTube video for my new business.” This response works because it creates a whole variety of open loops. Now you’ve got her thinking what your new business is, or what was the video about. Essentially, what you’ve done is flip the script and have her be the one asking more questions.

Move away from texting and call her for logistics…

Once you’ve built up the momentum and the text messages are coming back and forth at a faster rate and are longer in length, now is the time to move towards logistics. You want to move the conversation from a text to an actual first date.

The biggest mistake guys make with this is that they try and do it via text messages. Sorting logistics out by text can get really messy. The best approach when you sense that logistics are just around the corner is to give her a call. You simply say, “I thought it would be easier if I just gave you a call and we can sort out when we are both available.”

Text game is critical to your success. If you struggle with your text game, it’s going to be a road block to moving you forward in all other areas of dating. Learn all you can about texting a girl to spike her interest. After all, it’s her interest you’re after, right?