Text Messages To A Married Woman

Here is a guide to text message a married woman or a girl in a relationship… 

Maybe you are interested in a sexual fling or something more involved, but texting girls in a relationship requires some skills.

When you’re going out, meeting women, and dating them, you are going to be amazed at how many women in relationships who are very open to meeting guys.

text messages to a married woman

Texting a married woman can be exciting... but is it worth it?

 Do you have questions about sending text messages? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

A lot of girls won’t actually leave a relationship, before they get into another one.

This is helpful to know if you want to send text messages to a married woman. They call it branching, which means you don’t let go of one branch, until you’ve got the other one in your hand. Women tend to do this a lot.

Here are the three most important tips for texting a married woman or a girl in a relationship:

Number one: Be very aware at the times your texting her.

It’s no good texting her if she going to be in bed with her boyfriend or husband, because he’s just going to be asking her about who that is. The timing of text messages to a married woman is really important. When dating a married woman you don’t want to alert any suspicions at all. You also want to keep your texts very unsuspicious, so if he looks through her phone it may look like your text is from one of her female friends. A lot of the time she may have your number saved under a female friend’s name.

At all times be aware of not blowing her cover or giving her husband very obvious signals that you’re exchanging messages. Have a little James Bond about you where you’re being a little bit cautious and sly.

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Number two: When you’re talking to her, make sure you understand her situation.

Ask her about how you can play it smart and what you can do. Don’t start sending text messages to a married woman, when you don’t know the situation. I actually met a woman online once who was married and she had an arrangement where she wanted to have sex with guys, but she did it very discretely.

She would go on her lunch break from work and drive to a discrete location and having sex with guys in her car. Then she’d drive back to work, so there was no way of her being caught. You’ll find that with married women they often like to be very discrete and play it very safe. What you need to do is actually talk to her about how best you can help her do that.

Number three: Is this really what you want to do?

I’m going to say, myself, I’ve given up on getting myself into drama-filled problematic or difficult situations. I find them to be too draining, too exhausting, and too much of a waste of time. I couldn’t be bothered sending text messages to a married woman, because it usually is going to involve drama. When I was younger there was some sort of allure of picking up girls, who were taken, but I’ve got to say that in the end it just leads to problems. I’ve had to go to the police a few times, because of ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends. They can be very jealous and it’s just not worth my trouble anymore.

I avoid sending text messages to a married woman, because I don’t really want the hassle.

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