The Average Frustrated Chump: Two Tips For Breaking Free

The Average Frustrated Chump: Two Tips For Breaking Free

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Who is the average frustrated chump?

Say “hello” to the AFC – that guy who makes every effort to have success with women. He goes out of his way to show her what a nice guy he is. He buys her drinks at the bar to prove that he’ll look after her and pays her compliments by the minute so that she’ll think that he’s a great guy. But, despite his best efforts, he keeps going home alone.

He keeps bumming out with girls and he just doesn’t get it. “Maybe I’m not being nice enough? Maybe I need to show her that I really can look after her?” If there’s a little bit of average frustrated chump in you, don’t worry. At one point in time, I was the biggest average frustrated chump, or AFC, of the lot.

My views on dating and relationships had been poisoned. I had quite a soft upbringing. My parents were religious and I was taught from an early age that you need to respect women. My Mum, although not being a feminist, was very big on equal rights.

Ultimately, I agree with a lot of her views, however, they did more damage than good in my early days of being conditioned. Add to that my extreme passion for video games and the fact that I was literally a nerd growing up, I had very little success with women in my progressive years. But, I managed to break the cycle. I escaped my place in life. I found a way to beat the system.

Breaking out of the system of being too nice…

It took me five years to go from average frustrated chump to one of the best seducers in the world. I did it with a highly analytical approach. I basically dissected every little component of social interactions. I started exploring female psychology and social sciences. Now, I see the matrix. I see social dynamics unfold before my eyes well in advance, and I want to give you two tips that will help you make that shift too.

Tip one: She doesn’t care how nice you are…

Ultimately, women respond emotionally. They make decisions emotionally. If you need proof of this, spend twenty minutes with a woman at a sale. She doesn’t make purchases based on logic. She doesn’t take facts into account. She simply responds to emotional stimulus.

If her emotions are triggered in the right way, she buys. The problem with trying to win a girl over by paying her compliments or buying her drinks is that it’s a much too logical approach. You’re trying to convince her on an intellectual level why you’re a good match for her.

She won’t respond to this. Instead, what you need to do is trigger her emotion. Next time you’re talking to a cute girl at the bar that you want to take home, try this little technique. Pay her a compliment, but then immediately take it away. As soon as you do that, just hold space and watch for her reaction. An example of this might be, “You’re really sexy. It’s a shame I don’t like blondes.”

As you say this, you can actually incorporate physical touch as well, gently pushing her away as you say, “It’s a shame I don’t like blondes.” What you’re doing here is you’re giving her approval and playing to her ego, but then immediately taking that approval away. This impacts her at a core level. Watch instantly as she punches your arm softly, or reaches out to touch you, or instantly tries harder to impress you again.

Tip two: You need to recognize that women like to be appreciated on a sexual level…

Why do you think she spends an hour-and-a-half preparing herself to get ready before she comes out? Why does she spend hundreds of dollars on hair, makeup, nails, let alone the money that she spends on clothes and shoes? Why do you think she can’t wear the same outfit out two weeks in a row?

A girl’s physical appearance is vitally important to her internal feelings of confidence. She wants you to appreciate it. She wants to know that she’s creating a stir for you in more ways than one. If you can let her know this without flinching or fidgeting and maintaining strong, powerful eye contact, you’re helping her fill her biological need as a woman.

Having an edge, a sense of humor and being a bit risky won’t hurt you, it’ll help you. So: do you still want to be an Average Frustrated Chump? Honestly?