The Girlfriend Search: Finding Your Ideal Woman

The Girlfriend Search: Finding Your Ideal Woman

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Can’t find her – but are you looking in the right places?

If you’re actively searching for a girlfriend, there is an element of a literal search – the places where you’ll actually look. If you go to the same places, your success may be limited. Try new places where you might meet a girl who could turn into a girlfriend.

If you’re going to similar places and not meeting anyone of girlfriend material, then you probably need to identify the type of girl you want in your life and what characteristics she may have. This will build an appetite for your perfect girlfriend. It’s probably worthwhile searching out what sort of places that particular girl would go to.

Bars and clubs may not be where this particular type of girl hangs out. She may hang out at the library or at coffee shops. It’s about really targeting the type of girl you like and going to the places where she would go. You’ll save a lot of time and increase the likelihood of meeting the sort of girl that you can see yourself having as a girlfriend.

You need to know what you’re looking for…

Invest some time into working out who your ideal girlfriend is, and think hard about where she goes. Maybe research a little bit; go and yourself in those environments as much as you can and strike up conversations with girls.

One of the big assets that helped me find a girl was in becoming a better conversationalist. If you are someone that can interact well and open a girl up to a conversation, there’s more chance you’ll hit it off. Learning conversational skills is really important: it allows you to find out a little bit about the girls you’re interested in.

Finding out if she’s the perfect woman…

Here’s a good way to help you identify whether a woman is girlfriend material for you. Identify the type of girl you like, and have a few questions to ask girls you meet that will allow you to figure out whether they fit the mold.

Personally, I have quite a sarcastic sense of humor. I love British comedy, so if a girl tells me she likes The Office, or something like that, I immediately know that she’s quite a sarcastic girl and she has the same kind of sense of humor that I have. Or if she tells me she likes traveling the world, then that’s another characteristic we share. You have to establish that a girl is someone you can connect with and share commonalities to find a girl suited to you.

Treat the girlfriend search as a bit of fun: meet people and have a good time as you look for love. Sooner or later, you’ll come across that magic spark with a special lady.