The Pickup Community: A Great Place To Be Or Just Plain Weird?

The Pickup Community: A Great Place To Be Or Just Plain Weird?

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The problem with the pickup community is by the very nature of it, it attracts guys that are quite frankly, a bit weird. Often, it draws in guys that are socially incompetent and those who have backwards belief systems. Now, that’s not a completely bad thing – in some ways, it’s positive, as it allows those under the radar to get any girl they like.

It also attracts guys that focus on self-development. Those who are focused recognize that their life isn’t where they want it to be. People who have identified that they want to make a change are often drawn to the pickup community. That’s a big, brave acknowledgment to make that not every male is capable of making.

Keeping a broad perspective on life…

There is definitely the issue of balance to carefully consider. You tend get a lot of guys who are socially awkward and have never been given much attention or validation, who now have an opportunity to be seen as gods and gurus in terms as their ability to seduce women. That can really play on some guys egos.

You’ll get a lot of people who will claim to be super successful with women, just because of the validation they get from other guys reading their online posts. This is attention they have never experienced before, and unfortunately leads to wrongly-intentioned advances.

Insecure guys who struggle with women often want to have a feeling of wanting to get ‘revenge’ on women after negative past experiences, and of course this isn’t a great thing. One of the most crucial pieces of advice that I have for any new guy is to make sure to strike balance in life. It’s great to go out with other women. If you are focused on improving this part of your life, getting experience is a really important step.

Expand your social horizons to expand your pool of pulling opportunities…

Sometimes, you’ll find that people closest to you don’t always accept the idea that you are trying to make yourself into a better man. It can be, therefore, really beneficial to have wingmen at the other end of the spectrum in order to maintain a combination of different social influences.

I find that guys who only hang out with other guys from the community really accentuate its weirdness and don’t maintain a broad perspective on life. Make sure you don’t cut ties with your old friends. Concentrate on broadening your social circle, with people both inside and outside the community. This allows you to gain pick up artist advice without becoming unattractively weird.

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