The Power Of Positive Thinking

The Power Of Positive Thinking

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There is power in positive thinking. Positive thinkers exude confidence in the way they talk, walk, and carry themselves.

They know how to push a woman’s attraction buttons, and have no problem in their interactions with women. When you can engage them in interesting conversations, looking good and mysterious at the same time, and touch them in ways that blow their minds, then you trigger her emotional attraction buttons. You will have the magnetism that instantly draws women to you without any effort on your part.

Positive thinking begins with an assumptive mindset…

The assumptive mindset is a core component of confidence that is worth instilling into the way you see life. You need to assume that every woman is going to want to meet you. Look at it this way: if you need to see if she wants to be approached by you, or you are waiting for the magic sign that she wants a kiss or a touch, then you have instantly demonstrated that you lack confidence.

This is enough to lose attraction. Once you believe in yourself and make moves without any forethought, then there is no need to test a situation. It’s kind of like having a salesman mentality; they assume they have made the sale from the moment they walk in the door. A salesman who doesn’t assume he’s made the sale before he actually makes it means he’s lost before he’s even begun.

That’s the benefits of positive thinking. I’m not inferring that picking up women is like making a sale. You’re not selling anything, but there certainly are some wonderful similarities of mindset within the sale industry that relate to the pick-up. You may think that having an assumptive mindset and assuming that all women are going to want you will make you sloppy and lazy. This doesn’t mean you need to take short cuts in training.

Assuming you will win makes you want to hone your skills, and you’ll be constantly looking for ways to improve. You need to have all your bases covered so that you can always give life your best shot. Otherwise, you’re not working off an assumptive mindset, but one of living in the fantasy-land that your mind has created. If you think like a winner, then a winner you will be.

The other good thing about having an assumptive mindset is that you enter the pick-up with a positive attitude rather than one full of negativity. If you think that you need to create attraction before you approach women, then mentally you are setting off the signal that you are not attractive enough to catch a woman’s eye. That, my friend, is a poor mindset to have. If you think that you need to create value when you are approaching, then you believe you have little value to offer.

Having a positive mental attitude creates self-confidence…

What chance have you got when you think that you have no worth or value? When you live your life based on this assumption, then you instantly stop trying, which make you less attractive and virtually unappealing.

Guys who think this way suffer in their ability to have any kind of effective communication, because they overcompensate by trying to be funny, interesting, unique, or making themselves appear cool. When you have to concentrate on these things, then you lose your focus and your mind goes blank.

Simply assume that you’ve already won the pick-up and gotten the date before you even approach that attractive woman. Guess what happens to your interactions when you think like that? She will immediately be drawn in and will be the one chasing you. I bet you’ll even become addicted to being pursued instead of being the pursuer.

Staying positive prevents you from needing a validation plaque to enjoy interactions…

You won’t need to wonder if you are the coolest guy on the block. As long as you can get a woman to talk back and let you touch her and move along with you, then you won’t care if she’s telling you that your hair sucks and those pants look really awful.

I once had a woman I met in a club tell me what seemed like a hundred times how annoying I was. It didn’t faze me and I never gave it a second thought. We eventually went on and had an amazing night with some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Start every encounter with the mindset that you have every chance and have already made the sale.

A great book to read on this subject is Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking”. This book will give you tremendous insight into why it’s important to have faith in yourself, because that is when good things happen. This classic guide to self-esteem and success will help you learn how to: break the worry habit, get other people to like you, avoid “the jitters” in your daily work, believe in yourself and everything you do, and to develop the power to reach your goals.

Get beyond the mindset of ending every encounter with the need to get laid…

When you first start learning how to be successful with women, you want to initially focus on the numbers, then you can graduate to the actual sexual encounters. Your whole game needs to be based on meeting as many women as you can, because this is the only way to stock up on having the experience with women that brings confidence. After you’ve got experience under your belt, then you can start looking beyond just the numbers.

To have successful relationships, you need to find a woman that’s going to entertain you, who’s going to be of a caliber of high quality, and she’s going to meet your requirements. In order to have the right woman attracted to you, you need to become more of a decider. You need to know the type of women that you want to attract into your life.

Start by writing down the characteristics of the women that you want to attract in your life…

Write down the sort of woman that you’re looking for. Does she have a sense of humor? What sort of things does she do in those quiet times of her life? What are her aspirations and goals? This will help you to identify the type of women that you want to bring in your life.

This helps you to take charge and no longer appear desperate. You become the decider in the actual interaction. You want to give her the impression that you are the real deal, and your confidence will have her doing everything she can to chase you down and win your approval.

Be the prize in her Cracker Jacks box…

Women are sexually turned on by men who are self-confident, have career aspirations, have a sense of style, and are easy going and friendly. Do a self-assessment and see where you currently stand with each of these particular attributes. Be completely honest with yourself. If you’re not honest with yourself, then doing this exercise is pointless and a waste of your time.

Are you the sort of guy that women find attractive? Do you know how to please women? If you can fulfill women sexually and understand their needs and desires, then you’re going to be the someone women want to be around. Very few guys have this ability, and you’ll stand out from all the other guys she’s ever been with. You need to be the guy that women fantasize over and dream about getting down and dirty with.