The Top First Date Tips For Men

The Top First Date Tips For Men

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Making a good impression on the first date is crucial. This is your chance to really win her over and shine. Get it wrong and you could really be setting yourself up for a life of loneliness. Learn some of the top first date tips to ensure your success with the right girl, to score a second date, and possibly more!

1. Avoid Formal Dates

Don’t take girls out for formal dates on the first date. Don’t do dinner. Don’t take her to a fancy theater show. First dates should be casual. You barely know this person, so it’s a good chance just to find a very low key, casual environment where you have a chance to get to know each other.

2. Look Your Best

This is pretty obvious, but really put on your most attractive outfit. Spruce your hair up, be clean shaven, and smell your best. Just make an effort to leave a good first impression and look as attractive as possible.

3. Compliment Her

When you’re in a date, it’s good to toss out a few genuine compliments to her. Make sure they are sincere and it also helps her feel a little bit more comfortable. Inject some humor at the start of your date to really break the ice.

First dates can be difficult. You don’t know the other person and she doesn’t know you. There’s going to be an element of nervousness there, so use some humor to really help break the ice and make her feel comfortable around you.

4. Choose a Relaxed Atmosphere

Ensure the location you choose is a really relaxed atmosphere that allows you to have uninterrupted conversation. It will be a bonus if the location has some couches that can allow you to get a little closer to her. Avoid a loud, disruptive environment, you can’t hear her and you’re forced to almost lip read. This will instantly create a disconnect between you two.

It’s also difficult to flirt if you guys are sitting quite far away from each other, especially physically flirt. It’s important that you pick a location that allows you to have good conversation and get comfortable with each other.

5. Avoid Perfection

Don’t try to be too perfect. Embrace your individual personality. When trying to make an impression on someone, you shouldn’t try to be the person that is going to be most pleasing to her. Don’t cover up your inner weirdness and other traits that define you as a person just to impress her. It’s important to show her who you really are.

If she’s going to be someone that’s going to be a part of your life down the road, she’s going to eventually see the real you. Ensure that you don’t try to come across as something you’re not on your first date. Let the real you start to shine and perhaps a more attractive version of the real you will come out.

6. Listen!

When interacting with a girl on the first date, be a good listener. Be someone that’s genuinely interested in what she has to say. Ask her questions. Show her that you’re paying attention to her and you’re engaged in the conversation. Don’t be self-indulgent with talking about yourself. Keep the conversation 50-50.

7. Always Lead

Before you go out on a date with a girl, have a back-up plan. If things go really well, perhaps you want to move locations or you want to go somewhere else. Have a scenario in your mind of where you want to take her to and lead the way. Make sure that you display masculine qualities by being a confident leader, the one that takes charge of the date and takes control of the situation.

Start using these tips NOW. Have a date coming up? Read this article over and over until you know the top 7 tips by heart. See how these tips can revolutionize your first date experience and lead to much, much more.