The War On Men…

Is it true? Are men really “under fire” from the government?

It may sound like bad science fiction… but… men truly are under attack from senators, representatives and the highest tiers of legislature.

Here’s what this is all about:

Recently, bills have been passed that make women feel that their rights have been violated. (In various ways.)

To show their dissatisfaction, some women have taken to the streets.

  • Celebrities have become outraged.
  • The loudest opponents of these laws can be heard shouting from the hill tops…
  • … however… the most dangerous rebellion is happening – secretly – in a place average men like you and me would never think to look:

The Government.

Because… while laws are passed every day to protect Justice… certain Senators have used their bills as opportunities to show their outrage at what they perceive to be a violation of women’s rights.

While I don’t have a political opinion one way or another on the issue (I’ve never been that well educated in politics) I do know one thing:

Some of these bills have almost been passed.

And ALL of these bills are scary as hell.

(For example: “The Spilled Semen Amendment” which makes masturbation ILLEGAL on Oklahoma. Yes, this is true.)

For a full list of these crazy laws, simply click this link to read the full article.

And here’s the lesson you can learn from this crazy situation: men and women take their gender and their sexuality VERY seriously.

So when you meet a woman you like, don’t downplay the issues she faces as a woman.

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Instead, try to empathize with her and make her feel heard.

This lesson will serve you well, in the long run.

Your Friend,





– Vin

PS. Back to your normally scheduled program, in our next post.

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