Too small? Need to get bigger?

Too small? Need to get bigger?

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We all have those moments in life when it’s hard to accept that someone out there might not like your penis size. This is true even if you’re already big, but it’s worse if you have a small penis. Still, no matter the case, how can you get bigger?

Honestly, there are a lot of easy and natural ways to increase the size of your penis. Pharmaceutical companies try not to advertise these because they would lose a lot of money, and if they do advertise this as a substitute they also add in that it can cause irreversible damage. Ironically, those pills are more of a health concern than reducing your fat and taking vitamins. Yes, you just read that right, you can increase your penis size by reducing your fat and taking some vitamins.

Reduce Your Fat

Reducing your fat is essential to your penis size, and losing it can get you bigger! Specifically, your lower belly fat is what you want to burn off, and thankfully there are multiple ways to do it. If you have gained weight and notice that your penis has gotten smaller, it’s because your stomach is covering up most of its potential. Depending on your height, you can increase your penis size by an inch for every 20-50 lbs. of weight lost. So if you weigh in at 150 lbs. over your medically healthy weight, that means by losing the weight you could gain another 3 inches to 7 inches! Your penis is an organ that comes straight out from the skin, so when you get fatter the skin begins to stretch and flatten. Removing fat so you can get bigger is pulling the fat back, which makes it seem like your penis is growing, but you’re just getting the penis you were supposed to have.


A technique to increase the size of your penis and get you bigger is pulling on the penis. There are various ways to do this and it comes straight out of Africa. Essentially the idea is to have a half boner and gently pull on it, but not like masturbation. For some people this is difficult, and it is dangerous because you can tear the skin if you do it too hard. There is also a side note that unless you increase your penis fat, you will get longer and thinner. However, this does really work and you can extend the penis as long as you have skin to do it. Another way to increase the width while pulling is to strength train your penis.


Specifically, Vitamin E and Niacin are known to get you bigger. They work separately, but have been known to work very well together as both of them deal directly with the penis. Vitamin E helps with the production of testosterone, which is what tells the penis to grow and how hard to get. It also raises the amount of adrenaline in your body so you’re also burning fat. Niacin expands the blood vessel walls while it runs through the system, and if they are expanded enough they stay expanded without the need for Niacin. This allows more testosterone to flow through your body, which can get you bigger.

These methods work, and using this combination as therapy for the body will pan out to a bigger penis, but you also have to realize that what was done by a pill is something the body usually reverses. If you don’t slowly back out of it, then you’ll only be big for as long as you’re taking these pills. It’s better to find food sources and develop a lifestyle habit of eating these foods that are high in these vitamins.

Pharmaceutical companies have a pill for everything, especially the ones that get you bigger, but at what cost? Many people use brand names, and if you read the side of the label it shows it can give you symptoms like heart attacks, diarrhea, and some of them even want you to go to a hospital for having an erection for over a day! We have natural methods to get you bigger without you having to go to the hospital. So enjoy the things that can get you bigger and have fun in bed!

Now that you’ve enlarged it, it’s time to get laid!