Top 10 Reasons To Act Like She Will Like You

Top 10 Reasons To Act Like She Will Like You

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Maybe a girl likes you already and you don’t know yet… Or, let’s be honest, she probably doesn’t. Either way, here are the top 10 reasons to act like she will like you:

10. It’s kind of funny. Especially if the girl in question is out of your league, it can give your buddies a laugh by pretending you got her right where you want her. More effective if you put her down to make her seem more attainable (just don’t let her find out.)

9. You’re bored. Let’s be honest, you don’t have anything better to do. Play out some scenarios in your head of how she’s gonna end up falling in your lap, and start believing them. Or at least partially believing them. Have fun.

8. You’re drunk. This is a great excuse for a lot of things, and being irrationally certain that a girl will end up liking you is definitely no exception.

7. Hey, it’s better than acting like she won’t like you. Let’s face it, everyone hates that depressed guy who complains that no girl likes him and he’ll never find love. Don’t be that guy. This can be a great way to avoid it.

6. You’re gay, afraid to come out, and using your confidence that a girl will like you as a way to deflect attention from the fact that you’re not really pursuing anyone else could be very effective. Pretend you have your sights set on her and her alone, and are just waiting for her to inevitably like you. Give yourself a long timeline.

5. You’re having a little fling with an embarrassingly ugly girl and don’t want your friends to find out. Use this as a distraction from any questions about why you’re not putting in effort anywhere else. You’re on your own trying to explain the condom wrappers on your bedroom floor, though…

4. You can’t lose. Either it works, or it can still work in the future, and can still be funny. Either way, you can’t look bad.

3. We’ve arrived at the top of the pyramid, the best of the top 10 reasons to act like she will like you. Number three is so that one of her hot friends, hearing about how confident you are that her friend will like you, gets jealous, thinks you mysteriously know something or have something about you that is attractive, and falls for you. This may seem crazy, but girls are crazy, so it’s not actually crazy at all.

2. The girl you are presuming will fall for you gets wind of your actions and not only has the idea of being with you put into her head, but also gets attracted by your confidence, leading to her actually falling for you. Self-fulfilling prophesies are cliché for a reason: they happen sometimes.

1. The girl’s friends start to get jealous because you’re so confident that this girl will like you (see, reason number three) that they start liking you, leading to the original girl getting jealous and liking you as well. Take your pick, my man, take your pick.

Thus concludes the top 10 reasons to act like she will like you. Hope you enjoyed them and, more importantly, I hope you learned something.