Top 10 Turn Ons For Women

Top 10 Turn Ons For Women

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Women are purely maternal and emotional creatures, which mean that anything that increases your survival rate will usually turn them on. Ironically, the Top 10 Turn Ons for women are usually a lot kinkier than mere survival traits. Some are just downright weird, but what turns women on changes each year, so staying up to date with the newest trend of turn ons for women on is an annual chore.

1. Hair

The amount of hair that turns a woman on is dependent on the woman. This can range between being bald to hair like a rock star. However, if a woman is turned on by a style of hair, it usually doesn’t change.

2. Muscles

Some women prefer frail men, but most women love it when a man can pick them up with ease. This relates to what they can expect in bed. It’s a turn on at a moment’s glance for women because they can imagine all the things that man can do for them in the sack.

3. Money and Power

There are more and more women every year that are turned on by men who have obtained power through money. The prowess that a man gains from this is reflected in their stance and how well they perform in bed.

4. Accent

Every woman is turned on by a specific accent because words are emotional objects to a woman. If she likes slow and smooth sex she might like French, Italian, or even Latin. However, if she likes it rough then she may like a German or Russian accent.

5. Height

This is classified as both a turn on and a fetish because some women like men who are midgets and some like men who tower over them. The height of a man relates to how flexible and how intimidating they are in bed. A tall man would be intimidating while a midget would be able to pleasure her so fast in multiple areas she wouldn’t know how to express it.

6. Weight

Men and women are turned on by a certain weight, with the label either being a chubby chaser or being shallow. This depends on the woman, but usually women like their men rather medium weight with a muscular build because they’re “right in the middle.”

7. Words

For all women, being able to use specific words correctly will turn them on quicker than being attractive. As we said before, words are emotional objects for women and they imagine every word you say, so if you say it right you can turn her on without even touching her.

8 Nerd Power

Lately there has been a rise in the attraction to those who have a higher understanding of the world. These women are turned on by the highly intellectual and sophisticated breed of men that are emerging into today’s society as leaders. The recent power shift in the “muscle vs. brain” fight would be the cause of this.

9. Vampirism

This is a weird fetish but it has made it in the Top 10 Turn On’s for women because of the movie Twilight and all the fans who were turned on by the main character. This increased the number of women who like biting, gnawing, and depressed men to an all-time high.

10. Dominance

What really turns all women on? It’s confidence, or in other words, the attitude that overcomes all. Confident men dominate not just women, but everyone in the room. Nothing can stop a man with a dominant attitude, but with that kind of confidence the girls won’t even want to stop you.


Women are turned on by pretty basic things, and it’s up to each woman to decide which measurement of those basic things she likes. The Top 10 Turn Ons for women is comprised of features and qualities in which women are directly turned on. You can usually tell what a woman likes when you watch whom she talks to voluntarily and compare it to this list, so good luck an d have fun.

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