Top Places to Get Laid

Want to discover the places where getting laid seems as easy as selling ice-water to a parched group of soldiers in the desert? 

Read on…

Here’s a list of the best places you can go out to give yourself a good chance of meeting girls and having sex.

Top places to get laid

The best places to get laid are right in front of you.

Try singles events.

In my mind, the very top places to get laid are at singles events. Official singles events are a much underrated way to meet girls! A lot of guys don’t realize how many powerful singles events and other organized events are out there to meet women at. They can be terrific places to practice and get more experience, and as I mention, they’re probably the top places to go if you want to get laid

Once I took a slightly older student of mine to more than 28 single parties. You know what? He could have gotten laid in a coma, it was just that easy to find girls at those parties.  There were so many girls! Often, they were divorced mothers who hired a babysitter for the night, who were just crying out for a guy to make a move on them. There are many top places to get laid around you – you’ve just got to look!

They are there for the taking.

At these parties, there were all these lame guys just standing on the side! All these guys really had to do was to walk up to any woman they liked and say “Hello” – and they would have had sex. But a lot of these guys were in their 30s or 40s or 50s, and had never overcome their basic shyness, so it held them back. For my student, who had actually talked to girls and wasn’t afraid? He got all the benefits, and ended up with an abundance of girls while these other guys just stood around and watched!

These days there’s a multitude of singles activities out there:speed dating, singles cruises….  You’ve got special singles events, like singles in the park, singles for pet owners…you name it. There are all kinds of singles clubs. They do travel and go to different places like wine tastings, or check out different music festivals….

Save so much time and…

There is huge movement in the singles event world. You should use singles events to your advantage when looking for places to get laid, because they’re very efficient in time, energy, and money. Plus, the girls there are actually single and looking for a guy so you don’t have to waste your time meeting girls who aren’t available! Because it’s already assumed that you are there for dating, there’s so much less anxiety around the entire process.

This, in turn, helps with your own identity, because it helps you be up-front with your interests and intent. You can be a more open with the fact that you want to meet a girl.  A lot of guys struggle with being honest and admitting that they’d just like to meet a girl and get laid.  At singles events, in a way, everyone is pre-qualified – so it helps with your confidence, because you know that the girls there already genuinely want to meet you.

You may be thinking… sure Vin…

I can get myself there…but what can I DO to bullet-proof myself from rejection the moment I see a hot girl and want to get her into bed…

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