Top Secrets On How To Impress Girls

Top Secrets On How To Impress Girls

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If you can master impressing girls, you will always be able to get the hot girl of your choosing and keep her interested. There are some specific things you must do to successfully impress a girl.

1. NEVER Brag

Never, ever brag about other girls you have been with. Never brag about your life in general. If you have to brag about your accomplishments in life and be open about it, then you’re displaying a lot of insecurities, and it shows that you’re actually not internally confident and you have to convince people that you’re chosen amongst other girls.

A guy that gets a lot of women is generally less likely to talk about it and display confidence by the way he presents himself around girls. If you want to seem like a guy that’s sleeping with a lot of women, you need to present yourself in a confident, calm manner around her, which displays that you know your high value and you know you’re the shit.

2. Do Not Look Horny

If you’re showing that you’re really horny and you’re starved for sex, you come off as being desperate and needy, two characteristics that are very unattractive and complete turnoffs for women.

If you haven’t had sex for a little while and you are horny, it’s probably a good thing to try to disguise it somehow, or perhaps maybe even masturbate before you go out. You can also do something that calms your sexual drive down a little bit, so that you can be more focused when you talk to girls and present a more confident person to them.

3. Do Not Get Offended

Girls will often test you by throwing insults your way. They do this to see if you’re confident and manly enough to take it and not fall down.

It’s one way that they test whether you’re an alpha-type guy and you’re masculine enough for them. When you do get a girl that does throw an insult or a rude remark your way, just laugh it off. Pretend like it’s just going to bounce off you, like water off a duck’s back.

4. Take the Lead

A big thing for a lot of guys is that they don’t take initiative, and they don’t lead the interaction. Leading is an alpha trait that a confident guy will always have. He, in his mind, knows where he wants the interaction to go, and he’ll take it there by leading her and not leaving anything to chance.

If this is something that doesn’t come naturally to you, then you need to think like a leader and be the one that makes the decisions. There are many self-help books out there that can help you become a better leader.

5. Don’t Impress with Material Items

If you’re trying to impress a girl with fancy cars, a fancy apartment, designer-label clothes, then STOP! These do not impress women and they certainly don’t attract the right kind of women. Often, when a guy makes it known that he owns something fancy, it just shows that he’s trying to make up for lacking in other areas of his life.

Take these 5 tips and start implementing them tonight! You will be able to impress girls without bragging and showing yourself off, which will lead to girls begging to go home with you.