Top Ten Conversation Topics For Shy Guys

Would you like to be able to have great interactions with any type girl? Would you like to grab her attention so much that nothing else matters to her? Being good at conversation is an important factor in winning her affection. If you bore her or have nothing to say, how is she going to be able to connect with you?

Top Ten Conversation Topics For Shy Guys

If you’re a shy guy or your biggest fear is running out of things to say to a girl, don’t worry this article will help you. The truth is, there’s plenty you can talk about. If you’ve lived more than 15 years, you have plenty of life experiences and interesting things you can say to a girl to keep her engaged and entertained. Below are the top ten topics that are always guaranteed to spark a healthy conversation and get her invested n you.

Have you used any of the below conversation starters? Comment in the box below with any experiences  or questions; I’ll personally respond to every comment. 

1. Family

Family means everything to girls, and if she sees that you’re caring and loving toward your family, she’s going to really look at you in a different way. She’ll see you as a guy that she could be with and would be caring and loving to her.

2. Travel

Travel broadens the mind, and for a lot of people travel really brings some great memories and unforgettable times in your life. When you talk about travel, it really engages some happy memories within you, and makes you feel good.

3. Goals and Ambitions

Most people have goals and places they want to be in life. If you talk about goals and ambitions, you’ll also display to her that you’re someone that’s on the move and someone that has ambition. Show her you are someone that’s going somewhere in life.

4. Talk About What You Do For Fun

Get an idea that you guys are compatible by talking about things that you like to do outside of work.

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5. Weekend Plans

Talk about what you’re going to do on the weekend. Perhaps maybe you’ll get an idea of what she’s going to be doing, and then you guys can meet up.

6. Food

Food is a great topic to talk about, because there’s so much you can talk about with food. You can find out a lot about a girl by the type of food that she likes. Is she very fussy with her food? Does she like to experience different things in life and take risks with different choices of food? It also gives you a bit of an idea about what restaurants you might want to take her out later, in your dating life, by understanding the food that she likes.

7. Music

If you’re a music fan, it’s important to see if she’s compatible to your music tastes. If you have similar tastes – great! If not, maybe you can set up future dates to introduce her to why you like the music you do. For example, if you like jazz music, maybe the next date you could bring her to a jazz bar and have some fun!

8. Friends

Friends can be a great topic to talk about, because there’s many great anecdotes that you might have about your friends and some great anecdotes you might have of her own friends.

9. Sex

Talking about sex is a great thing, because it actually shows that girls like talking about sex and they’re sexual creatures, and it also gives you a bit of understanding of the type of sex that she might like. If she sees you’re comfortable talking about sex, she’ll feel like she can open up too a little bit more in the bedroom. Talking about sex will also show her you are confident in your sexual demeanor and skills.

10. Exercise

Exercise is a great topic to talk about. If you’re someone that likes to keep yourself fit and active, you probably also want to have a girl in your life that has the same approach. Exercise might be a great way to see if you’ve got a commonality with her.

Using these 10 conversation topics for shy guys will help you overcome your shyness and allow you to open up to her, which in turn she will open up to you. Once you are comfortable with these topics, your shyness will disappear and you’ll be mastering your skills with women.

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