Trying to date a cheerleader?

Trying to date a cheerleader?

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When you’re trying to date a cheerleader it’s important not to judge them before you meet them. Just because they looked fantastic in their cheerleader pictures, they may look like a complete nerd outside of their competition. When trying to date a cheerleader, do not believe movies. Most of the time cheerleaders are absolutely brilliant. They have to have good grades. Their future is bleak if they’re relying on cheerleader as a career since it’s hard to get into a professional team, so most of them are in it for the leadership skills it provides.

Social power is key
One thing is true about most cheerleaders: they need to be social to stand out. Of course, many of them keep those skills very tightly wrapped with academic achievements, but being social has a leadership quality to it as well. Meeting someone who is a complete stranger and becoming friends with them on the spot is a powerful business skill. Cheerleaders are not dumb. It’s simply not allowed anymore, and when trying to date a cheerleader you need to keep this in mind.

Fewer jokes, more art
When trying to date a cheerleader it’s important to appeal more to your art side than your social side because most cheerleaders want everything in their life. This is a proven statistic because the more you can relate to what’s around you then the better a job you’ll be able to do. These types of girls want to be cultured and always involved in the latest trends in the world, so staying up to date on film, music,and culture is a must when trying to date a cheerleader.

Know your own politics
When trying to date a cheerleader, it’s very important to know your politics. Many of these cheerleaders come from political supporting families or are involved with their school government. Knowing the politics of everyday life is needed to bridge the gap of what she does and what you’re used to. Also, knowing your politics will add a specific level of intelligence that is useful both when in a relationship with a cheerleader as well as inside class. Cheerleaders fascinate themselves with politics because they come to realize that it’s very similar to how a relationship works.

They’re A students with D attractions
When trying to date a cheerleader, they are normally attracted to students who have bad grades for the most part because they’re more focused on their muscles. Many teachers will give students exceptions for sports simply to increase the school’s reputation, and it’s a flaw that permeates many schools throughout the United States. Trying to date a cheerleader and being the top of your class is going to have a few bumpy roads, because many women at that age are also more malleable when dealing with attractive men. You must remember that your brain will pay you a lot more than your muscles, so don’t give it up just to fit in.

Trying to date a cheerleader is one of the classic dreams for many young teenagers, and a lot of older men. Just keep in mind that cheerleaders have a hard time staying in the sport, so they may use anything to climb up the ladder. You need to be yourself and you’ll naturally attract the cheerleaders that like you for who you are. Don’t be nervous and just take your relationships in stride.