Turn On A Frigid Woman

Turn On A Frigid Woman

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She needs to know how much you care. Learning how to turn on a frigid woman is tough, it can make a huge difference in the quality of your sex life, and in the quality of your relationship or marriage.

There are two main reasons that a woman will be turned off by you and coldly withhold her body and neglect your desires. The first is that you are not as good a lover as you think you are.

The second is that she thinks you are neglecting the non-physical aspect of your relationship with her, at least to some degree. The most important thing to remember about these reasons is that the latter is generally the most important by far, and that both are related to one another.

For a woman to be turned on, you must first make her think that you love her as a person and that you want her not because of her body but because she makes you feel happy. She must feel like she completely trusts your motives, and that you are not lying to or manipulating her in order to have sex with her.

To turn on a frigid woman, therefore, you must not pressure her to have sex when she doesn’t want to. If she says no, or if you sense a significant amount of reluctance, don’t push it. Even if you could convince her this one time, you would only be further exacerbating the underlying problem. Instead, try to spend more quality time with her, make her comfortable, make her laugh, make her feel loved and appreciated, and from there start to try to turn her on and get her into bed.

That brings us to the next point, foreplay is extremely important.

For men, it takes little to no preceding activity for us to be ready and excited to have sex. Women are different. Their bodies need to be “warmed up”, and their emotions need to be drawn in. With this in mind, it is easier to make the transition to sex from watching a romantic movie, or giving her a massage, for example, than it would be from going out to a loud restaurant and driving home.

Make sure you kiss her for a while, and make sure you mean it when you kiss her. The key is that when you pull apart from her, you look into her eyes, and try to convey how much you care about her. From there transition to French kissing if you want, or to kissing her neck, etc. This is a step many men neglect, to their own detriment.

If your sex life with your girlfriend or wife is great, then you can transition from there to simply having sex if you want, or go down on her first. If, however, you are trying to turn on a frigid woman, oral sex can be crucial. Learn how to be good, figure out where her sensitive areas are, and do not let her think that you are disgusted by it, or that you expect oral sex in return.

From there the job is easy and, of course, wonderful. She is turned on, feels comfortable, secure, and loved, and you will find that she not only relents easily to requests for sex but in fact encourages them, and makes man of her own!