Turning A Woman On – How to do it

To turn a woman on… always be moving forward.

Women love to be turned on and most guys stop just when they are getting somewhere… so be persistent.

Read on for more details.

Move forward.

You should always be looking to move things in a direction where the woman is turned on and getting into a sexual state. Now, I like to focus on this on two levels: a mental level and a physical level.

The Mental Level

On a mental level, it’s just a matter of letting her feel comfortable and safe in your presence. You do that by making yourself a real person. By revealing parts about ourselves that might be making us a little vulnerable to other people, we let her know that we’re open minded and will abstain from making judgments on her. By doing that, that sort of allows her to relax.

Bring up her past.

The next thing you want to do is to bring up images in her head of times when she’s been in a sexual state and was getting incredibly turned on in her past. That can, yes, be through things like dirty talk; where you’re basically taking her mind to a place where these words will flash images for her. You can talk about her favorite sexual experience; you can talk about her favorite sexual position; or you can ask her what it is that she really likes about sex.

All these questions have the same goal in mind. They take her to a place where’s she’s starting to visually think about having sex. Once she gets that vision in her head, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t take it back. She can’t go back. So the turn on process has already started.

The Physical Level

Then there’s the physical side of it, which just starts with really basic escalation. If you read my free e-book, “The DiCarlo Escalation Letter,” it’s a complete guide from meeting a girl, to making eye contact, to taking her to the bedroom and escalating things to sex using the power of touch. I think that is the first step for anyone in terms of turning a girl on in an effortless, flawless and very consistently reliable manner.

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