Lines for a succesful meeting

When it comes to lines to use on girls, what I recommend is not using them at all.

One of the problems with trying to memorize lines to use on girls and say them is that it doesn’t really work, and by “work,” I mean actually dating girls and having sex with them. This is a bit of a conflict for some guys I’ve met, because they memorize lines and then they go out and say them to girls, and they seem to get a good response, so the guy says to himself, “Wow, this works.” Yet, when you talk to him and ask him if he actually had sex with that girl or dated her, he’ll say “NO.” In my mind, well, obviously that doesn’t work.

That’s the real problem with pick-up lines – they don’t actually work. You might get a good reaction from a girl with certain lines, but it’s very unlikely you’ll actually have sex with them. I just want to talk a little bit about the power of authenticity when you’re meeting girls. What I found with girls is that when you have two guys—one says the perfect thing but he’s not genuine or he’s faking it, and the second guy makes lots of mistakes but he’s very authentic and genuine, it’s usually the second guy who will get the girl. It’s very difficult to create a connection and create attraction and all those cool things when you’re not being yourself, or when you’re putting on a fake persona, or when you’re saying lines you’ve memorized out of a book. Ultimately, you have no way of knowing who wrote that book, what that guy is actually like, and there’s a good chance that you might actually be happier than that guy and have more self-esteem.

The last thing you want to do is put that poison in your head.

I highly recommend you do anything but memorize lines to use on girls. While the lines maybe be perfect in theory, you are learning some bad habits internally. Instead, I want to encourage you to develop your own sense of authenticity. This comes about by understanding what makes you unique and what makes you “you”–everything that  makes you special–because this is the real key to getting girls. If you want to break down what being good with girls really is, it’s truly being your best self. It’s being the best version of you and expressing that to the world. This is much stronger than any lines to use on girls. If you are being your best self, that is when you’re going to be the most attractive to women.

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When I used to do live training, sometimes it would take two days of constant drills and exercises to get a guy to shed his fake persona and to just be authentic. The effort is really worth it, though. When a guy loses all those layers and simply was himself and could be real on a core level of authenticity, you couldn’t help but like him. You couldn’t help but be endeared by him, connected to him, and just think he was amazing. But often, when a guy is faking it and has this fake persona, you can’t help but think some of the time he’s just a douche bag. This is the biggest problem with forcing lines to use on girls.

I highly recommend avoiding anything that involves lines or memorizing lines. Start to build a strong sense of authenticity. Be real, and the real women will be lining up to meet you.

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