Using Subliminal Messages in Dirty Talk

Using subliminal messages in dirty talk is a powerful way to induce ideas of sex to a woman without being overt.

You may be an excellent conversationalist; but how can you incorporate your ability to converse and make a woman think about sex without coming straight out and saying it?

Many women are turned off by talking about sex in an overt, blunt fashion. Women are turned on by subtleties, and are masters at reading between the lines. You need to learn how to do this in order to have better success with making dirty talk and leading women into your bed.

How have you used the power of ideas and thoughts in suggesting sex without being overt about it? Please leave your comments in the box below, I’m sure there are lots of guys out there who would love to know how you do it.

Using Subliminal Messages in Dirty Talk

Insinuate yourself into sex without actually asking for it.

First things first: What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messaging is simply hiding things in plain sight. Subliminal messages are words, images, or sounds which often appear in television or radio commercials, TV shows or movies, print ads or recorded music. The subconscious mind accepts whatever is presented to it as fact, especially when your conscious mind is at ease, and less suspecting of what is presented to you.

When subliminal messages are seen or heard, they’re not recognized for what they are. In fact they may be ignored by the conscious brain and be beyond the level of conscious perception. Since the conscious mind doesn’t have time to rationalize or analyze these messages, people might easily accept them.

What does this have to do with the dating world and dirty talk? You can be sneaky and cheeky and have the ability to get your woman feeling sexual and horny without being overly blunt about it. Is your curiosity spiked yet? If so, read on, because I’m going to show you how to make subliminal messages work for you.

Learn the power of innuendos.

You want to be able to drop innuendos into your conversation. You have to learn the art of play on words. This can be incorporated into your speech or perhaps misinterpreting her speech. For example: ordinary words used in typical conversations like going down, getting hard, or anything to do with being wet are words that have a double meaning and can be powerful at creating subtext so that there is a sexual undercurrent to the interaction.

Words are important, but the tone you use is even more powerful.

Learn to slow down your speech, don’t be in such a hurry to say what you want to say. You can talk in a deeper voice, and utilize pauses and gaps when you speak. This is a great way to get a woman in the mood and elicit sexual emotions. Women are big on tone, so learn to use your tone wisely.

You’ll find that you can talk about regular topics; such as the weather, about politics or religion, or any topic that is generally regarded as being inherently bad if you can control your tonality and pacing. You can do this to infer sexual connotations to any topic. Simply try this: read this article out loud and just practice reading it in a more sexy way. Does it make sense now?

Use other people as a way of bringing up the topic of sex.

You can get women to think about sex without directly stating the obvious.  All it requires is to use other people as a way of bringing the topic of sex up. You can talk about your friend Jess or your friend Dave and basically quote your friend as a way of bringing up the topic of sex.

Here’s a great use of subliminal messaging. When you’re talking to a woman, you could simply say, “My friend Dave approached these girls the other day and he was like completely blunt and open. He said, I find you girls to be unbelievably sexy and I have all these nasty, dirty thoughts running through my head that I could do with you right now. So, I’m thinking that we could find a bar, grab a shot, and then head back to my place and we could fuck our brains out”.

You then follow that with, “Do you think that’s a little bit over the top or does that sort of behavior actually work with girls”?

The reason this works is because it’s not you that is actually saying these things, it’s simply a mechanism for you to bring sex into the conversation. It also allows her to start getting these images and thoughts of all the things that you could potentially do to her. Once she gets an image in her head she can’t undo it.

Once she thinks about something she can’t unthink it, it’s already there and has made an impact. So yes, it’s a good strategy to get a woman to start thinking about sex and there are a variety of ways that you can do it. Just use your friends as the one who says the thoughts that you’re thinking. That way, it’s on them, and not directly on you.

These three tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Start being inventive in your thought process, and how you can use subliminal messages in your conversations with women. Do subliminal messages work? You bet your boots they do! It’s a great way to use dirty talk without actually seeming crass and randy. You will turn more women on than off. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Using subliminal messages with words and phrases that are proven to turn women on is the ultimate way to get a girl to fall for you. If you’ve been struggling AT ALL with what to say to women, take a few short minutes and watch my FREE video. You’ll finally know how to flirt with – and attract – the hottest women…

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