Ways To Deal With A Breakup: Get Back To Your Usual Self

Ways To Deal With A Breakup: Get Back To Your Usual Self

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Being in a breakup is one of the worst situations to be in – trust me, I’ve been there a thousand times before and it doesn’t feel good. You may be feeling lonely, sorry for yourself, and even regretful. Remorseful, bitter, and angry feelings are completely normal – you’re only human.

If you really do want to get over the breakup, most importantly, you have to get up and get out of the house. Start doing things that make you happy and give a sense of fulfillment. This can be absolutely anything – just make sure you do it.

Start dealing with your break up NOW

Your mission is to write down three things right now that you are interested in. This can be anything from prospecting for gold to deep sea diving. Write three things down and by the end of the week make sure you are doing at least one, or have taken serious action in regard to making it happen.

It’s also important to cease contact with your ex, because this will remind you of her and what you have lost. So, that means deleting her Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter – whatever online connections you may have. Remove her pictures, videos, and number out of your cell so you aren’t tempted to call her.

Moving on to bigger and better conquests

You should make efforts to start meeting new women. This is very important because if you remain lonely you are going to do nothing but think about what you have lost. Try your very best not to live in the past too much, or you will never get over your broken heart. It’s completely fine to feel regret – but it’s not fine to prolong these negative emotions which you may be experiencing right now.

I know I spent a good three or four months feeling lonely and sorry for myself after breaking up with my girlfriend of six years. After I did finally move on and start improving my life, doing things that actually made me happy, I realized I had wasted too much time feeling sorry for myself.

Take my advice: get up and out the house, do activities which make you happy, and meet new women. Dealing with breakups in hard, but easier if you cease all forms of contact you have with your ex and move on. Breaking up is normal – you’re only human, so learn from the experience and accept you have an exciting new future ahead of you.