Ways to Make Women Cum

Either your reputation is at stake — or you want to keep her coming back for more…

It doesn’t matter because making a girl cum is more about what SHE needs than how you’re motivated—

Read on to find out how to make a woman cum (and don’t count on it being fast because she’s probably faking it)



She wants to cum with you... but you must know how

1. Women need time to cum.

Take your time trying to be a sexual super-hero. Girls do not expect, especially the first few times that you have sex, for it to be any good. In fact, sometimes girls need a few times to feel completely comfortable and relaxed with you during sex. Only then are they able to focus on cumming. It also takes girls more time to cum than it does guys. They need a slow build of arousal and foreplay.

What about one night stands? You should understand that girls do not have one night stands so that they can cum, they usually do it for a number of other reasons such as to feel attractive, to feel desired, to experiment, or to have a bit of fun.

Take your time. Girls are not expecting fireworks the first time you have sex. All the pressure to make women cum is usually imaginary. There is no pressure on you to perform like an Olympic gymnast who only gets one shot at the gold medal.

2. Making a woman cum does not have an impact on you seeing her again.

You should realize that whether or not you give a girl great sex does not impact whether or not she will see you again. For example, I have given girls amazing pleasure, but never ended up seeing them again.  I have also given girls almost no pleasure, but did see them again. Making a women cum is not as important at the start as you might think.

3. Pressure to make her cum is harmful, not helpful.

It is important to realize that you should not put too much pressure on yourself. You do not need to a superhero in the bedroom. In fact, the worst thing for your sexual performance is pressure. Aim to reduce the pressure you place on yourself. Whether or not a woman cums has a lot to do with her as well. For example, she needs to know her own body and what makes her cum. Making her cum is not completely your responsibility.

4. Take it easy with sexual advice.

Do not go overboard with sexual advice. You might be searching for every bit of information about how to make women cum, but this is not necessarily going to help you. For example, you might watch DVD’s or read books on sex,  but if you are in bed with a girl trying to say or do stuff you have memorized, then neither of you are going to enjoy it. Instead, try to understand what the girl wants and likes. All women are different. Try simply asking your girl to communicate openly with you about what she likes and doesn’t like.

5. Get over the past.

You should deal with any sexual mistakes you have made in the past. Otherwise, you will struggle because you are holding onto past negativity. Everyone screws up and everyone makes mistakes. However, do not let these previous mistakes harm your confidence. Learn to let go and move on.

6. Experiment

The last item is very important. One of the best things you can do to making a woman cum is to expose her to wide range of sexual experiences. Try different types of sex, such as sex outdoors. The more you mix it up, the easier to it will be to find ways to make women cum.

Take your time, do not be overcome by pressure, and be sure to enjoy yourself.

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