What Girls Find Attractive in Men

What Girls Find Attractive in Men

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Figuring out what girls find attractive in men can be an almost impossible task. Every girl is different in regards to taste and preferences regarding the opposite sex, and each girl further has unexplained attractions to men that do not fit her “types” that she would normally think of herself as having.

We can look around and see men of all different levels of attractiveness and abilities with women having widely varying success. We can also see men who were successful at a certain time in their lives become less so later on. However, there are certain tendencies regarding what girls find attractive in men that remain true no matter where you look. An exploration of them can be useful in determining what you might do differently to try and project a better image of yourself towards others, and also useful in understanding women and what it means to attract them.

One of the most important things that attracts women to men is, well, manliness. This extends to physical appearance – women tend to be attracted to men with large muscles, firm jaw-lines, strong hands, etc – but also to their mannerisms (having a deep voice, having a manly walk, etc ) and to the way they interact with women themselves.

Women like men who they view as capable, whether physically or, perhaps more importantly, emotionally. In other words, they are attracted to men who will be there for them, give them a shoulder to cry on, and provide a presence they can always rely on in any situation.

Another huge aspect of what girls find attractive in men is confidence. Men who are able to project confidence in themselves and their abilities with women make women feel like they are something worth working for. Men who are able to maintain eye contact with women and boldly compliment them in any setting force them to acknowledge their potential as romantic partners and engender sexual tension between the two parties involved. If you are able to project such confidence in yourself on other women, you will surely go a long way towards making them more likely to fall for you – or under you.

Finally, another part of what girls find attractive in men is humor, warmth, and charm.

Women never completely separate the role of sexual partner from that of a potential father. An innate part of them is attracted to someone that would be able to raise a family. Furthermore, being able to make a girl laugh can make the difference between her sort of liking you and always wanting to spend time with you. It can certainly make a huge difference in the degree to which she is attracted to you. Your sense of humor need not be of a certain type, specifically, it just has to be compatible with hers.

A final note: having a great sense of humor and a charming persona actually also works to project confidence. When you are in command of your words and know how to make a girl laugh, you are also giving off the impression that you are confident with and around women, which as discussed above, is extremely attractive to them.