What Is Pandora’s Box & Why Could It Be A Scam?

What Is Pandora’s Box & Why Could It Be A Scam?

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Pandora’s Box is a program designed to help ordinary guys unlock the mind of a woman and influence her thoughts and desires. Much of the content is based on studies carried out by psychologists coupled with Vin’s research. This has allowed him to categorize women into 8 core “types”, create a blueprint to quickly pinpoint which type a woman is, and detail the game plan for pursuing her.

But why could it be a scam?

One of the reasons I set this site up is because I get tired of the haters out there. It seems that any product that offers easy self improvement – particularly in terms of gaining success in life – often gets shouted down by narrow minded people. These people usually have a very limited understanding of the subject and no exposure to what they are complaining about. Products that help guys with women, and women with guys, are easy targets. These people are often trolls with nothing better to do, or disgruntled users who flatly refuse to follow the system correctly.

Look at it like this: It’s pretty fair to say that WeightWatchers is a well established diet plan that works. But if a WeightWatchers member does not stick to the points plan and decide to do no exercise and sit around eating junk, they’re never going to lose weight. That doesn’t make WeightWatchers a bad system, but it’s only as good as the effort the user puts in.

Now I’ve covered that, what do you get with Pandora’s Box? You may feel a bit ‘left in the dark’ about what exactly you’re purchasing. The video and promotional material cover it, along with the ton of extra bonus material that comes with it, but a quick recap is probably useful.

The Pandora’s Box system is a core system with 8 additional parts which are broken up into monthly programs (Months 1-8). The core system is a number of PDF documents with video and podcast accompaniments. The core system gives you the basic information and context you need to start getting into the minds of girls, with basic strategies and an overview of the 8 types of girls in the 11th part. The additional parts each have a video interview for one of the 8 types of girls and documents that expand on the ideas presented by the core system.

The material is well written and presented – and the advise makes sense. There are plenty of EUREKA moments in there. Some of the most useful information is what NOT to do. I estimate nearly every man of dating age is committing at least three of the deadly sins of dating. It’s not the cheapest system I’ve reviewed, but in terms of quality it is better than most, and the customer service was good and responsive – which was pleasant.

What are the BAD things? Well, nothing is perfect and here are a few things I noticed.

The original version doesn’t teach you how to get over any phobias or shyness you have with girls. The methods Vin teaches are very direct, so they don’t consider that some guys can be very shy when talking to girls they’ve just met, or even sometimes girls they already know and are trying to take to the next step.

As of December 2014 this has been answered with an additional product – ‘The Attraction Code’ for guys who really have so little confidence that approaching hot women would probably kill them. But in addition, the monthly releases have been extended out with more content to address this.

The information about the different types of girls is spread over the whole program, so you can’t get all the information about one specific type in a big heap, you’d have to go through each part of the guide and find the sub-headings for a girls type.

GOOD things about Pandora’s Box?

The system is very straightforward and linear, you won’t be left wondering what part to read next as it is all set out and numbered to guide you through easily and in the best way to have a complete understanding. This is only really worth noting due to how much content there is in Pandora’s Box.

The 8 types of girls really do cover pretty much every girl that you will meet. You’ll be able to figure out any girl’s type and quickly start getting her attracted to you.

The video interviews give you an incredible understanding of the girls being described. What better way to describe the 8 types of girls than to find real life examples and interview them?

Vin has used scientific studies to back up all of what he teaches in Pandora’s Box and is considered an expert in the field of female psychology. Unlike other guides, Vin actually incorporates quizzes and little tests into Pandora’s Box to make sure that you understand the content inside and out so you can’t fail.

Pandora’s Box is the good non fluff guide on exactly how to get into the mind of any girl. Vin, the author, boasts an impressive background having spent the past decade of his life working with psychologists to figure out what makes women tick. I’d give it 9 out of 10. I’m knocking a point off because the earlier version would not work on my iPad – but I understand that has since been resolved.

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