What Is Seduction?

If you are new to women… then you might not even know what seduction is.

No worries… here are the basics that can help you start seducing today.


Women love to be seduced... when you do it right

Seduction is…

Seducing a woman is all about developing a sexual relationship with her, and getting her turned on with the purpose of getting physically intimate. But many guys think that women don’t enjoy sex. When really women love sex… probably more than men. The problem lies in going about it the right way. Two different guys could do the exact the same thing, and one guy might be repulsive, while the other might be attractive. You’ve got to take how women respond with a grain of salt, because often it’s got more to do with women having a very broad range of preferences with what they like.

Learn to dance.

When starting, it can be worthwhile to do things such as the Argentinian Tango, where you get comfortable touching a woman and getting close to her. Then you just start to develop that natural, seductive side of your personality that is within all of us. A movie I recommend to watch is called Don Juan DeMarco, starring Johnny Depp. That’s probably the best example of a guy who’s a natural seducer. Everyone has at least a little bit of a Don Juan in them.

Hang out with more women.

I’d also recommend starting by just increasing the amount of time you spend on a weekly basis with women, particularly women that you’ve just met or that you don’t know well. Look for any and all opportunities, just in the average week, to spend more time with women. Perhaps do a stock taking. Look over the last three months and calculate, out of the 168 hours a week, how many hours have you spent with women who you’ve either just met or don’t know very well? To become more confident and start getting more results, that needs to be at least five to ten hours. That needs to be your first goal.

Then don’t overwhelm yourself.

There is so much material online… just stick with this website. It has all the information and all the products you need. I would recommend only learning from me, because when you start getting too many influences and too many ideas, you just end up getting confused and overwhelmed. I promise you that if you follow the information on this website, you’re going to get an abundance of women in your life.

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