What Does Sexual Tension Feel Like?

Are you wondering what sexual tension feels like?

What does sexual tension feel like?

You want sexual tension to build within her, until she can't stand it

I read a quote (by a girl online), which explains sexual tension very well:

(See what she has to say and discover what else makes you FAIL by reading this story)…

There is an attractive guy, who sits next to me when I’m in class. Every time I see him, I feel tight, like my whole body tightens and I want to jump on top of him, it’s really awkward. I find it very difficult to look at him, sometimes I stare becasue I just can’t help it. At the same time, it’s one of the best and one of the worst feelings in the world, because I’m not really sure if he feels the same way about me. I think about him when I’m not around him, and when I’m near him, I get really nervous.”

This is one of the best descriptions of what sexual tension feels like for a girl.

When does Sexual Tension happen?

Sexual tension occurs when she is overcome with desire and when you will do anything to date and have sex with her. Knowing what sexual tension feels like is useful, because this is what you want women to experience.

How can you generate this kind of power? How do you ensure that you can you make women feel sexual tension for you? This type of power reminds me of Star Wars. It reminds me of Jedi Knights that can influence people’s thoughts and feelings at will. I know this is simply a movie, but it is close to what you can do when you maximize your people and dating skills. Knowing what sexual tension feels like is only the start. You’ve got to be able to create it and generate it.

Similar to Jedi, you want to emanate a message. The message you want to convey is that you have extreme confidence. This will draw women to you. It will even help you to make women (who haven’t even met you) desire you like crazy. Women watch you from a distance. They observe how you interact with other people and how you influence them. They notice everything – the way you walk, talk, and they way you hold yourself.

The first thing to do to be a Jedi with sexual tension is…

Before you can successfully create sexual tension, you must first master social skills. You need to learn every possible thing about social skills. You must become a master when dealing with people in any type of situation. Think of mastering social skills as if you were mastering Kung Fu. You study, work hard, sweat, and practice a great deal, before you get really good at it. The same applies to social skills, you must make the effort and dedicate yourself to improving. You must interact with others. You must make the effort to get out and meet new people. You must get over any social hangups that you may have.

You goal is to be able to be great in all types of social situations. You want to emanate confidence and attractiveness. You want to be the cause of her feeling sexual tension. Understanding sexual tension and using it to your advantage will help you to be more successful with women.

You need 4 powerful techniques to instantly Create Sexual Tension with ANY Woman… 

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