What To Do When You Like Someone

What To Do When You Like Someone

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So, you’re sitting there wondering, what does it mean when you like someone? What does it mean when you simply cannot get a girl out of your mind, when you see her face every time you close your eyes, when you think about her, about kissing her and being with her before you fall asleep each night, and the thought of seeing her makes you excited and nervous? What does it mean when suddenly all other women fade into the background, and nothing in the world seems more important than her? The first thing to say is that it means you are in vast company.

If you are wondering what it all means, know that many, many men have been in your position before and know exactly what it feels like. It means that you have been cast under the spell, and that your control over your own desires and your own thoughts has been at least partially wrested away from you by her.

All of this may sound quite dramatic – and in many cases it is – but it can also be a wonderful thing. Some people, in fact, crave this state so much that they fall in love with it, to the point that they are never satisfied with a long-term, committed relationship. It is surely the most intense phase of falling in love with someone, if you have indeed begun dating the girl, and possibly the most passionate stage of your relationship.

If you have not begun dating her, it can be the exciting feeling of a potential relationship that is on the horizon, it can inspire creativity, or, if she doesn’t like you back, it can simply be a spark of emotion in an otherwise emotionally dull period of time in your life. If you find yourself in this state, when you like a girl in this way, you owe it to yourself to try and see if you can make something out of it. So many men are too afraid of rejection to act on such feelings when, really, if they were simply confident in approaching her they could have incited similar emotions in her in no time.

This does not mean you should tell her exactly how you feel (in most cases this would seem desperate, needy, and of course, unattractive), but it does mean you should try and give yourself every opportunity you can to hang out with her and see if you can develop some chemistry with her. If you’re wondering, “What does it mean when you likes someone?”, the only definitive answer is that it means you have a rare opportunity to make yourself happy, and find a companion who apparently fits your desires extremely well. This opportunity may not always be realized, but you should always make sure to give yourself the chance to realize it, as risky as that may seem.