What To Say To Attract Women

What to say to attract women… and how to say it so women believe you, instantly.

What to say to attract women is a problem almost every guy seems to have.

Ever use a “line” on a woman you liked that someone gave you? Didn’t work like you expected it to… did it? The weird thing is: this line obviously worked for him. So what gives?! What was the difference between what you said and what he said? The words were the same, right? The truth is, she didn’t believe you. The same line coming from you and coming from someone else can come across in two completely different ways – so it will have two completely different effects on women.

You want to know exactly what to say… right?

If you want to know what to say to attract women, you are in the right place. I’ll tell you exactly what to say and I’ll ONLY tell you what WORKS. Most importantly, I’ll tell you how to say it, so that ANY woman will believe you, instantly. And I know that these lines will work for you. That’s my promise to you and I invite you to put me to the test.

Feel free to send me terrible, horrible email messages, if I screw it up for you. ;-)

What to say to attract women

Have you ever listened to how women talk to their hairdresser? This is one of the keys of learning what to say to women

What to say to attract women?

The truth is, it’s way easier than you think. Talking to women is even easier than talking to your best buddies. Seriously, you really already know what to say attract women. It’s like singing or any other creative thing you do: the more you TRY to do it, instead of just doing it, the worse your results. Knowing what to say to attract women isn’t that different from other parts of your life, where you are currently rocking.

Talk like a woman.

So the main question you probably have is, “How do I not try so hard?” “How can I stop caring whether this girl likes me or not?” These questions are 100% normal. I was in your shoes not too long ago – only six years ago, in fact. So let me help you get past these ideas. You see, the main difference between someone who’s good with women and someone who’s not is HOW they talk to women. Specifically, they talk to women like women talk to each other. They can then build a bond with women much faster. And the quicker she bonds, the more attracted she gets. (No, you don’t have to talk about crafts or shopping… in fact, I’ll show you how you can talk about sports, sex, and even video games to create a concrete bond with her in just a second. Keep reading…)

It’s all about the HOW when you want to know what to say to attract women.

The way women talk to each other is simple!

Women relate with each other. What does this mean? Well, when a group of men talk to each other, we share information. I like to think of it like building a house or making a building. One man puts down the foundation, then another adds a brick, then another adds another brick, and so on. You can see this in the following conversation:

HANK: “Hey, John, how’s it going?”

JOHN: “Not bad, Hank. Just got back from the hardware store.”

HANK: “You know, I was in there the other day for this new pair of pliers. Had to fix this leak from under the sink.”

JOHN: “Ah yeah. I had to do that the other week. The trick is really angling the pliers, so you don’t hit your knuckles on the pipe…”

Now John and Hank will share tips for fixing things. (If this sounds stereotypically male, it’s because I’m trying to make a point. I know the last time you talked to your friends about fixing pipe might not have been yesterday, or even a month ago. :))

But women, when they have the exact same conversation, will go about it a different way. Instead of just sharing information, they RELATE to each other’s experience. Which means they will talk like this:

JENN: “Hey, Sally, what’s up?”

SALLY: “Nothing much, just got back from the hardware store.”

JENN: “You know, I was just there last week for a pair of new pliers. Had to fix this leak under the sink.”

SALLY: “I hate when that happens. I just had to fix this weird leak from the shower.”

Do you see what happened? Probably not. And that’s OK – it’s because you’re a man like me. So I’ll show you EXACTLY what the difference is: Sally RELATED with what Jenn said. This means she didn’t ADD anything to the conversation technically. She didn’t share tips or strategies, or help solve a problem. Instead, she empathized with Jenn. She showed Jenn that she understood her and felt the same feelings. (Read that again if you need to – it’s THAT important – and it’s the key to understanding what to say to attract women.) This is how women talk, since they’re social and emotional creatures by nature. In practice, you can do this same thing – even without really “understanding” it – using the following technique:

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How to talk to girls like a girl would talk, so women will be attracted to you:

You simply take something she said, and instead of adding advice, help, or judgement (like a man would do), you just say something similar. That’s the core feature of relating – you just say something similar to what she said. (Simple, right? Knowing what to say to attract women is not really that hard at all.)

Examples of relating by saying similar things:

She says, “I went to the beach last week with my friends.”
You say:
“Last time I was at the beach, I got a wicked sunburn. I had to put lotion on it for days – I looked like a lobster!”

She says, “I’m having a lot of trouble getting this guy at work to give me a break.”
You say, “Tell me about it. This guy at work keeps hassling me. I think he likes me or something.”

She says, “I’m so frustrated with this thing that’s going on in my life…or even in our relationship…”
You say,
“I know exactly how you feel. That must be really tough for you.”

This is the key to getting along with women! This one thing alone will make you INCREDIBLY attractive to women…because not one man in one million knows how to do it right! And not only will it help you relate to women you want to date – every single woman in your life will treat you better. You’ll get better service from women who work in restaurants, coffeeshops, do your laundry… You’ll get along better with your female landlord, boss, nurse, or co-worker… You’ll get special treatment at your favorite bar from your favorite woman bartender… You’ll get priority seating from female hostesses at your favorite restaurants…

… The options are endless. You’ll finally be THAT GUY that women want to help out, and seem to flirt with one hundred percent of the time, whether you’ve met her or not.

Take this attention and turn it into attraction!

You need to take this to the next step, because you don’t just want a bunch of female “friends,” right? I’m going to show you how to take all of this female attention and turn it into attraction. I’m going to show you how to make all these women – who are now treating you as special – to quickly become attracted to you, start doing you favors, and soon enough – try to get into YOUR pants!

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