What Turns A Girl On

What Turns A Girl On

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As, men we do our best to find out what turns a girl on, but exactly what turns a girl on? While most of us think it’s size and a few of us think it’s their toys, what about those men who don’t have a chance in the world who end up on a first date before us? How did they find out what turns a girl on?

We’re left with two options, either leave women alone entirely and become abstinent or travel the unknown road and hope you don’t injure your ego. Thankfully neither of us have to do that. We have some advice for you, and you’ll discover below that women don’t really care about your size. Really, who you are is what matters because though a big penis might be great, in the end it’s not what keeps a relationship going.


Confidence is the key to everything we know about what turns a girl on. If you’re confident then you are the ideal mate. You won’t hesitate to struggle to survive, and girls are turned on by that. Women will always deny that they’re attracted by basic instinct, but scientists have already proven that they are. Confidence means you know who you are, what abilities you have, and you are proud to show the world what you’re made of, no matter how many people insult you for it.


Knowledge is power, and the ability to use that knowledge to get what you want is something that really turns a girl on. In history books, men were not measured by their size, but by the greatest marks they left on history. Why do you think that is? Living at home with your mother isn’t the worst thing in the world, provided you know how to describe it right. No woman likes a man who is still dependent on his mother, but if his mother is a landlord or an elderly woman who needs someone home to care for her, it reverses the thinking pattern because it says that you’re only living there because of how responsible and trustworthy you are. Women prefer successful men, but success doesn’t mean you have to be rich. It means that you are willing to succeed in anything you do.


Style is very unique, and it’s something that turns a girl on based on your appearances and attitudes. You can clash two stereotypes together like a cheerleader and a Goth, but there will be a lot of differing opinions. Take a pen and paper and describe yourself in detail to figure out the woman you will attract. If you want to have a different woman then you must change your description to an acceptable degree that matches the description of your woman. Don’t fake it, but get acquainted with a the style that matches hers. Having your own style will turn a girl on, but it has to be a style that girl relates to.

As you can see, all the ways you can turn a girl on and what turns a girl on fall into one category: your personality. Women like a good personality. Men are the only ones looking for an aesthetic appeal. It’s only natural. Our bodies are attracted to survival, and if you can master this, you can get every type of girl out there.