What Women Want – Top 10 Ways To Amaze Her

What Women Want – Top 10 Ways To Amaze Her

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Want to know what women want? Guess no longer – I’m going to give you a top 10 list of real advice that will make her beg to see you again. By gaining this insight and knowledge, you’ll be able to become a much more attractive man who enjoys successful relationships with women, as well as a great dating life.

No. 1 – Just tell her what’s on your mind.

A great relationship is based on communication, and if you are someone who tends to withhold your thoughts and feelings, then a lot of things are going to come out in a very negative way, possibly even in a passive-aggressive way. This could bring a quick end to any of your relationships and make life tough for you in the long run.

You want to get in the habit of being an open communicator. Perhaps something doesn’t feel right about the relationship, something that’s she’s doing isn’t working for you, or vice-versa; then as soon as you feel this, you have to open the lines of communication with her and keep her in the loop of what’s going on in your mind. Such an approach will be surprisingly effective at helping you sort out problems as they occur (rather than let them persist unresolved), and will make your relationships stronger in the long run.

No. 2 – Be the man in the relationship.

If you’re in a relationship, or even just dating a girl, you’re a man and you need to take that masculine role seriously. The number one reason a lot of guys are very unsuccessful with women is because they’re too effeminate and don’t have a strong, masculine presence.

She doesn’t want another girlfriend. She wants to be involved with a man, so be sure that you fulfill the masculine role she’s expecting from you, whether it’s in a relationship or your dating life in general.

Be careful not to take this to the extreme, however. It’s easy to misinterpret this as, “Be controlling and possessive.” This is not my intended meaning. I simply mean that you need to take responsibility for your part in a relationship with a woman. Be strong, confident, and always be a gentleman, but remember that you’re also allowed to treat her like a naughty girl from time to time.

No. 3 – Work on being more romantic.

Now, in today’s modern world, the notion of being a romantic guy isn’t something that really sits comfortably with most of us. We, as men, are not raised to be romantic anymore. It’s not something that comes naturally for us; but with practice, we can learn to sweep a woman off her feet with romance.

What women want is really a demonstration of effort. The fact that you try shows her that you care about her, and that’s perfect for most girls. The fact that you’ve actually gone out of your way to be more romantic, to do something special for her, is meaningful in and of itself. So, put in some effort, and get ready to reap the reward.

No. 4 – She doesn’t derive pleasure just from you being inside her.

When it comes to sex, just the act of having sex with her isn’t enough to make her find absolute pleasure. You need to really be putting the proper amount of time into foreplay, and you need to learn what turns her on.

The way to do this is to have an open line of communication in the bedroom. Basically, apply the principles from my first point, but to the bedroom.

With this kind of comfort level, you can live out both of your fantasies, while enjoying a fantastic sex life together. Sex is one of the foundations of romantic relationships, so the better your bedroom activities are, the stronger your relationship will be – and I promise you that a healthy sex life will make your relationships really last.

No. 5 – The Golden Rule.

Treat her like you would like to be treated yourself.

This isn’t just true for women; it’s true for anything you do in life. It’s a simple universal truth – treat every other person how you would like to be treated. If you want respect from a woman, and you want her to look after you and fulfill your needs, you also need to be offering her the same courtesy and respect.

No. 6 – Keep things interesting.

Don’t fall into the common trap of becoming lazy and complacent within a relationship just because you’re comfortable in your routine. Keep your relationships spiced up, and add in the element of surprise. Be as spontaneous as possible, and keep her on her toes.

You don’t want to ever let her think that being with you is boring. What women want is excitement and variety. Within reason of course!

No. 7 – There is no such thing as perfection.

Relationships need work. Relationships will never run perfectly. You need to keep working on them, and keep building them. They need time and attention to move forward and become stronger.

It’s not going to be perfect from the start, and it’s not going to ever become perfect. If you have fantasies of some kind of relationship utopia – get rid of those now, before they do you any harm.

You need to learn the art of compromising in your relationships. That doesn’t mean that both of you need to give up something when the other disagrees, but it means that you need to find what works for both of you. This is the healthy way to compromise. You are two different people coming together; you will be adapting to her strengths and weaknesses and she will do the same for you.

No. 8 – Learn to laugh at yourself.

Life’s short, and the more you are able to laugh at yourself and have a sense of humor when things go wrong, the greater the outlook you’re going to have on life. With this ability, you’re going to be easier to be around. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

No. 9 – Being selfish won’t get you what you want.

If you’re selfish in the bedroom, or in anything else you might do, don’t expect to be treated differently in return. That’s the irony of selfishness. The more selfish you are, the less others are willing to give to you.

But, the more you give and the more you invest yourself in your relationships with women, the more you’re actually going to get out of it in return. Once again, this isn’t just what women want – this is a rule of life.

No. 10 – Treat a woman with respect.

What women want – what they need, is for a man to show her respect through his actions.

They need to know that you respect their opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies, and minds. You don’t have to agree with everything, but you do need to show respect by accepting your differences. This also comes back down to the golden rule in number five; treat her like you would like to be treated. Treat her with respect and you’ll get respect back.

If you can remember this list of what women want, and implement this advice in your relationships and your dating life, you’re going to see a marked rise in how successful you are.