What Your Sexual Color Says About You

What Your Sexual Color Says About You

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Your sexual color is usually the color you think looks good on you and your partner. This means it is the base color for everything that you wear, and your sexual color says a lot about you. Your sexual color can reveal if you are a moody, kinky, peaceful, or just downright disastrous in bed. The reasoning behind what your sexual color says about you is that your body is prone to certain emotions mixed in with certain colors. Therefore, the lighter the color the more fun you seek, while the darker your sexual color says that you want more danger.

This sexual color says that you like an intense relationship with a lot of passion to the point of volatility. The color red is used in many danger signs and is used in car television ads because it is known that women are more attracted to red. Red can also mean that you love to take a trip down that triple-x lane where all the dangerous things in town are happening. People who normally like red surround themselves with eccentric entertainment and fun.

This sexual color says that you like the calmer end of life and that you want your sex to be slowly enjoyable. Blue is seen as the calm of rain or the ease of a river, so as a sexual color it says I want everything to come along with ease. Blue may also mean that you prefer life at sea and the people who normally like blue will be found near water.

This sexual color says that you like things to go with the flow and that you do not like much of a change in your day to day life. The color green represents the well-balanced cycle of the earth and its many processes. People who enjoy this color can be found in meditations or coffee houses where the environment is peaceful.

This sexual color says that you like the deeper and more bizarre forms of sex. Purple is seen as the color of bruises, welts, and, sometimes, even rot. Purple is also a common color with the stereotype of pimps, rich men in a bad business, and unscrupulous mafia members. People who like this color are found in all walks of life but usually care more about accessories than things like houses or neighborhoods.

This sexual color says that you are light and love to bounce around a lot in bed. Pink also means that you might be extremely kinky with all sorts of toys around you. For men this still applies, but on a bigger scale because it can also mean that you like things that are unusual fetishes.

Your sexual color says a lot about you and many times, you will be turned on by just seeing this color on your partner. The color will be in most parts of your life and will be rather difficult to get rid of. You can use other people’s sexual color to figure out what pleases them and make your sex life even more passionate. Just keep these colors in mind and have a fantastic time in bed.