Why Do Girls Like Arrogant Guys

What you think of as arrogant she sees as assertive and confident

Most guys’ idea of being “nice” is seen by her as spineless…

Find out how to come off as strong without being arrogant by reading this article.

Why Do Girls Like Arrogant Guys

You think "nice"... she see's you as weak.

Weak guys don’t get girls.

The number one turn off for women are weak guys. Guys who bend to the woman’s will too easily or shrink from making decisions. You have to come across as a guy who doesn’t NEED the woman in his life, but he sure would like to know her and have her in his life. The key is to not be needy and take charge. At the same time though a woman doesn’t want a guy who is so arrogant that he is rude or obnoxious. You have to find just the right amount of confidence without blow it out of proportion.

Don’t do this…

Don’t be the guy who tells a woman within a few minutes after he bought her a drink that he really likes her. Heck, man you don’t even KNOW her, how can you really like her? She is going to think that you are desperate and trying way to freaking hard to get to her. That is not a turn on. You also don’t want to the guy who drapes his arms all over her and just assumes she is into him and just takes what he wants and does what he want with her. That can be really ugly in a man and it is a total turn off.

Act like you belong.

So you should avoid being a total wuss or a total jackass. Now, you need to figure out what a confident man is like. He is the guy that everyone notices when he walks into the place, He looks like he belongs and everyone wants to know him and be near him. He is like a magnet to the women in the room. That is the guy you want to be.

Move at the “right” speed.

If you are more confident in your approach to her you will see that she will stick around to find out more about you. You may think, “ok she is still talking to me, if she is still here and she is smiling that means she is into it.” Then when you go on to make a move and she has not learned enough about you or shared enough about her, she is going to think you are way too fast. You shot yourself in the foot!

Stop caring what others think.

It is the confident guy who is boisterous that comes across as a leader and doesn’t care what people think. He does his own thing and that’s that freedom that some women find really attractive. He really does his own thing and that’s risqué. Those are the thing that she looks at that he might be a bit of a bad boy who is big and strong or a leader of men, able to protect her or able to take her on adventures. Just like your typical bad boy who does what he wants. He is a bit arrogant and sure of himself.

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If you’re a guy reading this article I can almost guarantee you’re using “nice” as an excuse and its stopping you from enjoying success with women.  Banish the “nice” excuse or you’re always going to be something else as well – alone.

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