Why Is She Hot And Then Cold?

Why Is She Hot And Then Cold?

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So, why is she hot and then cold? It boils down to her brain and what’s inside. Many times she is raging with hormones. There are also moments when a thought enters her head that makes her suddenly think differently. In addition, death of a close one and depression have been known to cause extreme horniness one minute and tears the next. The brain has a lot to do with why she is acting bipolar, hot and then cold.


Thinking is usually the root cause why she is having mood swings. Most of the time something funny comes through at the wrong time. It’s difficult to stay horny when something comes through that you have to struggle not to laugh about. Why she is hot and then cold comes down to how much embarrassment or hurt she wants to save you from. Imagine how hurt you would be if a woman heard words coming from your mouth that were supposed to be romantic and she just laughed in your face. This is why sometimes it’s better to ignore somebody rather than just be mean to them. This is what a woman is thinking when she ices over.

Family issues

Another reaon she is hot and then cold may be because of something that happened in the family she hasn’t shared with you. Something like the death of a loved one could become a light switch between angry or horny and happy or depressed. This is why it’s important to know what’s wrong with your partner at all times and to pay attention to specific details that seem odd. There’s almost nothing you can do for them except be there, but just be patient when she is too hot or too cold and let her even out.

Hormonal Imbalance

A woman’s emotions are primarily determined by the hormones that are currently running through her body. Women give birth, which is what causes them to be hyper sensitive to feelings and hormones. A hormonal imbalance may be one reason why she is hot and then she is cold. For there to be a hormonal imbalance she must be sleep deprived, stress riddled, bipolar, or post traumatic.

There are many reasons why she might be hot one minute and cold the next, but it’s usually all in her head. Most of the time it just means you need to ask her what’s going on and to be completely truthful. Many marriages have ended horribly because a woman was in denial. It may be scary, but this is something that you need to confront her about, or it will just get worse. Just keep calm and sit her down when she seems calm.