Why Women Date Losers

Women date losers all the time.

What you can learn from losers that will make you a winner with girls.

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Why Women Date Losers

Women date a guy because he makes her feel good

Losers do a lot right.

You see so many guys out there who are single and good-looking, who have good jobs and seem to have so much going for them, yet they can’t get a date to save their lives. Then you see these other guys that have no jobs, are ugly, live with their parents, are bald or overweight, and they seem to date attractive women. What’s going wrong here? It might be more about what the losers are doing right.

They have balls.

Usually, guys who don’t have much going for them have more balls to ask girls out. It’s not that hot girls don’t like guys that have it all together, but that successful guys sometimes have a bad mindset about girls. They think that they are entitled to girls, since they are doing well. They think they don’t have to make an effort or take risks when trying to attract women. So they don’t even try. But the losers do. This is the secret to why women date losers.

You just need to ask.

For example, a successful guy comes to a bar. He just stands there and expects women to come to him and like him. He ends up going home on his own, because this isn’t how the world works. On the other hand, a guy who doesn’t have much going for him knows he has to work for it. He knows that he has to make an effort because he won’t have a chance at picking up a girl if he doesn’t actually talk to any. And whether he’s a winner or a loser, it’s usually the guy that makes the effort that gets the girls.

Be deeper.

It is also very important not to be a superficial guy who thinks that women just like superficial things. Sometimes rich guys assume women will like them because of their money alone, so they sit back and wait for it to happen. Women tend to go for guys who make them feel good, regardless of anything else. Don’t get too wrapped up in superficial things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a millionaire or if you have no money, when it comes to dating women. You’ve still got to be the one who makes the first move with girls and puts in an effort. You should never have an entitlement mindset where you think that women will fall through the door just because you have things. You can’t be lazy with making an effort.

Fortune favors the bold.

For years I wondered why women date losers. Then I realized that fortune favors the brave. Just because you have some things in your favor doesn’t mean that you should expect it to come to you effortlessly. Get more girls by instantly turning them on – with no risk of being caught, rejected or slapped.

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