Why You Should be Talking Dirty to Your Girlfriend

Never underestimate the power of a few dirty, little words…

Dirty talk can turn a regular woman into a nymphomaniac for you.

But if you are completely new to dirty talk… learn the basics now.

Dirty talk

Start flirty with your talk... but move to dirty and she will be happy you did

Look for “the line.”

If you want to find the right level of sex talk, you have to step over it. There is a phrase: “In order to find the line, you have to step over the line.” When it comes to dirty talk, and especially talking dirty in bed with your girlfriend, this is particularly relevant. Let us say, for instance, that the level is eight out of ten on a scale of how dirty the sex talk is. On this scale, ten is just the filthiest stuff on the planet, and one is a sort of conversation you might have with your work colleagues.

Don’t be shy.

Let us say the right level of dirty sex talk is an eight. If that’s the case, most guys are probably pushing at a level of four or five as their absolute dirtiest. The reason they do this is they think that girls are into it, but they don’t realize that girls are actually probably more into it than they are! If you’ve ever lived with girls or if you have ever been involved in female social circles, you will realize that they actually think about sex more than guys do. They talk about sex more than guys do, and they talk about the dirtiest topics that often make guys blush. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Start slow.

Now, the challenge is that because it is not so socially acceptable for a girl to be embracing that side of their personality in public, sometimes guys have to be a little bit mindful of how they introduce that sort of level of communication. When you start with dirty talk it is important you do it in isolation. If you start talking dirty to a girl in an environment with other people around, it’s going to be really challenging for her to accept that, and fall into this framework and work with you.

Warm her up.

Some girls, of course, will be okay with it. However, if you get a girl in isolation, it is definitely something that she is going to be open to, but even in that situation, it takes warm up and timing. You don’t just suddenly start talking dirty to your girlfriend without any preamble. It is completely disorienting, and probably going to be a turn-off for her, to go from a completely platonic level of conversation, such as what you did last Saturday or what your plans are for the weekend ahead to playfully calling her a dirty slut.

What you need to be able to do is progressively build the communication and the interaction up to a more sexual level. If a guy can do that on a really basic and safe level, it might be something as simple as saying to her, “Wow you’re a really cool chick,” and, ”Even if you weren’t sexy as hell, I would still want to hang out with you.”

Flirty, then dirty, then…

This might be saying to her that if we hang out again, she cannot dress like this because you cannot even think straight right now, and that they are making our head completely scrambled. Then as you progressively begin to make things sexier, you can start to move things to a more intense level. Start by talking a little flirty, then a little dirty, then a little more…and eventually you’ll be talking dirty to her in bed!

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