Why You Should Know How Your Penis Works?

Why You Should Know How Your Penis Works?

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While we usually see this lovely little organ nothing more as a tool for having sex, it’s actually vital to our health. Other than the skin, the penis is the only organ we have on the outside of our body, and you should know how your penis works to stay healthy. Knowing how your penis works can prevent heart problems, save it from shrinking or disappearing altogether, and keep it from just plain not working.

Sex education teaches us that there are many sexual diseases, and anatomy teaches us that we need to pump blood faster in order for it to even work, but what makes it so important? This is a visible organ on the outside of our bodies, and it’s important to have this organ to reproduce. It is directly connected to your bloodstream and is, sometimes, the only way a doctor can tell non-intrusively what’s wrong with you.

It Could Cause Heart Problems

What runs through a penis is a vital reason why you should know how your penis works. It’s the blood network that keeps you alive. If a penis has trouble working or you have a pain in your chest when you get a boner, it’s usually a sign that something is really wrong inside your body. The penis has to have a strong surge of blood through it to become active, so any heart problems can be detected this way.

It Could Shrink

You should know how your penis works because it could shrink if it isn’t properly taken care of. Just like every other organ inside the body, the penis is directly affected by the emotions and chemical levels inside your brain. If your body does not react very fast when you begin to get sexually aroused then it’s usually a sign of your body lacking in some hormone needed for the reaction. Also, many people with a small penis fall into an overweight category. You should know how your penis is affected by your weight because fat can reduce the amount of penis you have to work with.

It Could Stop Working

If the above mentioned hormone levels continue to go unchecked and imbalanced then you may have a penis that stops working altogether. You hear about breast cancer a lot more than testicular cancer because women tend to be more frontal with their concerns. Men who have this type of cancer are sometimes embarrassed and hide behind a curtain so that they do not attract any attention. You should know how your penis works because you can identify these signs of cancer early and prevent literally save your penis. Losing your penis would probably effectively ruin your sexual life.


Many have discredited how vital the penis is and don’t treat it with very much care. They stop having sex when they think they can no longer use it, but you should know how your penis works because you can always give it a jumpstart with a little work. The penis doesn’t stop providing until the day you die. So be careful of yourself and make sure you know how your penis works because it could mean the end of your sex life!