Women Interested In Men

If it happens, it may be rare, but I need to know — do hot women ever approach men?

What does a guy need to do to get a woman to invest in him and ask him out?

I think the key phrase here is investment. A guy needs to be able to entice a girl to invest in him on some level. When we talk about investment, I often like to refer guys to the concept of Texas Hold ‘Em, no limits poker. Whereby you are playing poker and you put a little bit of money in the pot to see your initial couple of cards and then you look at them and they’re okay.

If you have any questions or comments about getting women to approach you, please share at the bottom of the page. I answer each one personally.

Women Interested In Men

Women must feel an investment in a man, before they will put in more effort


If you have decent cards, then you invest more money… right?

So you put in a little bit more in to see the next lot of cards, and then maybe somebody raises you, so you put a little bit more in. You see the next card turn over you put some money more in. Then the next card gets turned over. Eventually you have so much money in the pot that you know if you just invest a little bit more to see the final card, you are probably going to do it.

The same is true with women.

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The more that we can get them to invest in the interaction with us, the better our chances are that we will win. The more the woman invests her time and energy with a man, the harder it is for her to walk away from the interaction.

Now the first area of investment we want to focus on within dating and relationships is financial.

This might be a matter of finding a way that you can encourage the girl to buy you a drink. In a bar setting that is going to be a challenge, but maybe if you are inviting a girl over for a date and say “Look, I’m going to cook some dinner, why don’t you grab a bottle of wine on the way over.” That is going to be a completely plausible way to have her invest in the interaction.

The second thing you can get her to do is invest in you physically.

Maybe she can hold something for us so as you reach into your pocket and grab your phone. You just hand her your drink and say, “Can you just hold this for the second.” Or maybe getting her to spin around or do something of a physical nature. Eventually you may get her to give you a massage.

Getting her to do something for you physically creates an investment in her mind.

The third investment is logistics.

Asking her to visit on dates or moving her around a particular environment. Be careful to have the location changes in a public place in the beginning for her comfort. But, as you become closer, you can go for more private locations.

We can get her to invest emotionally, by getting her to share information about herself. People like to talk about themselves, so really work on that so that she is more invested in your connection. I think that is a really powerful way for building her attraction.

So then how do I get a woman to approach me?

In terms of getting her to invite you out, I think another great way is just to cue that by, talking about fun activities that you are going to be doing. Talking about events that you are going to or friends that you are hanging out with and then just creating a space for her to leap in with an invitation.

Leave that space open for her to be able to say, “Wow that sounds really interesting, I’d love to come along to that.” Or maybe when she is talking about particular things, you say things like “Wow, I’m fascinated by that. That sounds really cool thing to be doing.” Then just leave that space open for her.

Essentially what you’re doing is helping a woman invest in you by helping her approach you and ask you out.

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