Women Seeking Men for Casual Sex Won’t Always Be So Straightforward

Think you could never find a girl who’s interested in casual sex with no strings? – You’re wrong.

In fact you’ve probably already met her you just didn’t know how to make her feel comfortable expressing that desire with you.

Let’s fix that so you can enjoy all the casual sex you want…

Women seeking men for causal sex

She wants to be in your bed too...

She wants it too.

A lot of guys are confused as to the nature of women. They often think that women aren’t sexual, period. Many guys think that women want commitment, that they want to be girlfriends only, and that they don’t want to have sex unless they’re in a relationship. They think that women are not seeking men for casual sex. There’s certainly some truth to that, sometimes, but for the most part it’s way off base.

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Listen to women.

I’m going to talk about a friend of mine’s girlfriend, who is also a good friend of mine. Once, I had a night out and I ended up staying at her place with two other girls that she knew. In the morning, they were talking, and I learned a lot of interesting things about women and sex, just from listening to these girls talk.

Women want sex BAD.

They all basically said that they weren’t getting enough sex. Their boyfriends weren’t giving them enough sex, and their boyfriends didn’t want to have enough sex. One of the key problems with the relationships they were having was that they were unhappy because they weren’t getting laid. So what does this tell you? It tells you that women love sex and crave sex just as much as anybody else.

For some women, for whatever reason, casual sex is a better option. It could be that they are career focused, or they just aren’t the type of girl who wants the pressure of being in a relationship, but they still want sex. They aren’t going to be straightforward about that fact, though, because they don’t want to take the risk of being labeled as sluts or having you judge them.

I’ve heard this before: that a lot of women do want a casual sex situation, but a lot of times they aren’t that obvious or forward about it. So how does a guy learn if a woman wants casual sex? How do you put this out there? How do you make her comfortable with this, and with you?

Never judge her.

If you’re trying to seduce a woman for casual sex, you should approach this in a way so she knows she’s not being judged for it. She also needs to know that if something were to happen, it would be kept private, between the two of you. That’s going to create a much safer space for her to actually show you. Talk about it hypothetically at first – feel free to engage in “girl talk.” You will learn that women are sexual creatures from your own experience.

Men are too focused on thinking that women only want long-term relationships, and that they need to plan or move into a long-term relationship right away after having sex or after going out on a first date with a girl. Relationships have a natural progression and flow. If things are slowly moving towards turning into something more long-term, it will happen on its own without any effort on your part.

Guys need to do the subtle things that communicate the right messages from the start. You don’t have to address these entirely verbally. Your actions say a lot about how involved you are, and a girl is bound to respond to that.

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