Do You Know Women’s Sexual Turn Ons – You Might Be Surprised

Women are most definitely very different from men.

We all know that to be a fact.

But if you want to know how to get them into your bed you had better read on to find out what turns them on. Some of these things are just downright strange.

Woman's turn ons

She wants you just as bad... as you want her

Women love sex.

Women definitely have a lot of sexual turn ons and some of them can seem pretty crazy. But this is really more of a question of why men don’t expect these turn ons than a question of why women have them. I would say it begins with this idea that sex is some big deal and that men are obsessed with getting women to have sex with them. The reality of the situation is that women love sex just as much as men.  When you start to clear that mindset up, it makes everything much more apparent.

Ever read erotica?

If you want proof that women are sexual creatures, take a look at the romance and erotic book industries. Women collectively spend millions of dollars on novels that get them hot and bothered. Unlike porn, these books can be carried anywhere. Women read them on the bus, on their lunch breaks, at home, on vacation, and wherever else they may be. These books turn women on and women keep reading them wherever they go. That says a lot about female sexuality and how women do not need much to turn them on.

She wants to open up.

I have had the experience of having had a date with a virgin girl and which ended with us having sex in the daytime. Really, it was more about me just understanding that she’s a sexual creature, making her comfortable enough to open up in that way, and making her feel safe enough to physically express herself with me. In a life full of constant hot turn ons, most women are just waiting for the right moment to let their fantasies become realities.

Make her comfortable.

In a way, comfort is definitely one of the big turn ons for women. Women are really attracted to guys who can be relaxed and comfortable about their sexuality without being out of control. When a woman feels comfortable with a man’s sexual state, she herself can let loose, too. She can’t open up to a man without feeling safe and comfortable, so those criteria are critical for a woman to have sex.

Be adventurous.

Speaking from my personal experiences, I’ve had sex in a lot of public places with women who I’ve only known for a short period of time. When I’ve only known a woman for an hour and we’re already engaging in sexual activity in the middle of a crowded cinema, it’s pretty clear that she trusts me. As long as I know how to lead her and make her feel comfortable, it’s much easier for me to turn a woman on and escalate things to the next level.

Be spontaneous.

A lot of women want to have adventurous and spontaneous experiences. Sometimes they have fantasies that are way out there and that they would probably never go through with, but the desire is still there. What a woman wants and what she fantasizes about gives you a strong insight into how far you could take things with her. She may have sexual turn ons you would never expect and you can use those to your advantage. Sexual desire has to be burned off somehow and as long as you can make her feel comfortable she may as well burn it off with you!

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So in short women women want to have sex just as much as you do.

And they can do some pretty crazy things once they trust you. But the question is how do you flick the switch on that trust and cut straight to the good stuff. For that you have to know how a woman’s mind works. To help you get inside her head and then inside her pants – wherever you are – we have put together the ultimate guide to what turns women on.

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