Women Sexual Turn-Ons – What Touches a Scorpio Woman

Women have a lot of sexual turn-ons.

Yes, she’s a sexual creature. In fact, she’ll quickly become addicted to you (and come begging over and over) IF you learn how to turn on your Scorpio.

Women with a Scorpio sign are the type of girl that is magnetic, mysterious, and exceptional… but she is still a woman. You can approach seducing her, just like you would approach any woman. The tips I provide below will get you squared away with any woman… Scorpio’s included.

Woman's sexual turn-ons

Women are slower to be turned on than must guys... so take it slowly but be persistant

One rule: a woman’s body (no matter what her sign is) will always tell you where she’s at sexually… always.

To start, is she still with you? If she is still with you, then this is a great start. Plus, if you’ve gotten her all the way to your house and to your bedroom, then you’ve done an excellent job… NICE WORK :)! Sometimes this indicates she is already ready for sex or at least, your job is half-way over.

Time to start warming her up…

If you haven’t been touching her much, then going straight for intercourse can be a big leap. Women need some time to get warmed up. Think of her as a thermometer and she’ll be ready for intercourse when she’s at 90 degrees. But she starts at 70 degrees normally. Each action you take will jump her up a few degrees. You want to make sure that from the beginning of meeting a woman, maybe not more than ten seconds into the interaction, there should be some sort of touching going on between you two. Each time you touch her and she reacts favorably, then she goes up a few degrees.

Keep touching her.

It should appear that you can barely control keeping your hands off her – but this can only happen if you immediately feel a kindred impulse coming back at you from her. I am talking about touching her hand or lightly on her back, obviously. You never reach out or touch any more sensitive parts of a woman’s body until you have express permission to do so. You want to be touching her a lot, because this will build her up to a sexual frame of mind and get her more comfortable with the idea of being touched by you.

Touching her subtly is a powerful turn-on for most women.

Keeping this in mind, you have to understand that women need a lot of touch and a lot of comfort to get sexually aroused. If you’ve got her in your bedroom, you want to take things slowly. Then you can come from a position of being in control and being playful, at the same time. You could do things like brush your nose against her neck, or go in close to her lips without kissing her. These little gestures, and her resultant feelings and sensations, can get her worked up.

You are creating sexual tension that she will want to release through orgasm.

Something I want guys to keep in mind, especially when they’re with a woman on their bed or are starting to move things along sexually, is that you don’t want to be too focused on one thing. While you’re brushing your nose against her neck, you want to maybe be running your hand down the outside of her arm. You want her to be feeling different sensations in different parts of her body, and you want to use different parts of your body to change up how that sensation feels.

Women are very sensitive to feelings, are intuitive, and have an enhanced sense of touch and pleasure.

Be the type of guy who mixes things up in a subtle way and take her to a high arousal state. This can be to your benefit, because when you finally do have sex with her and penetrate her, when it’s time for her to have an orgasm, she’ll not only be ready, but she’ll have much more of an impact-filled climax than what most guys are giving her. You will blow her mind and she won’t forget it.

The truth is, most guys rush it and don’t take their time building up foreplay and building up the woman’s desire. Women want you to extend their pleasure (even though she will be begging for it). Then, she can really enjoy herself and be ready for orgasm. If you are the guy who gives her a great sensation – she’ll be coming back around for some more.

Do you have questions about women’s turn ons? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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