Young Love – Attracting a Cougar

Young Love – Attracting a Cougar

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Women grow smarter and hornier with age, in fact, without menopause, women would not be able to contain themselves at a certain stage in their life. Research has shown that the man is responsible for menopause in women because men prefer their women at a younger age. Before, society could make it as young as it could get without having to worry about consequences because we lived a third of the amount of years we live now. When attracting a cougar, it’s very easy because of how willing they are to throw themselves at an attractive man. You just have to know how!


Confidence has and will always be the number one factor that represents what women are attracted to. The reason why you can use confidence when attracting a cougar is that that attraction grows stronger with age. As the saying goes, “women are like fine wine as they age” and as women age, their emotions become even stronger.

A Little Oil

Ironically, the same step that producers use in a movie, you can use while attracting a cougar. Splashing a very little bit of tasty oil on your skin can add a small advantage for when you start attracting a cougar because women love a man who shines. In the older days, muscular men would oil their bodies so that when women had sex with them, it would prevent the muscles from acting like concrete bricks.

With Age

With age comes experience and you have to realize that for cougars and for when attracting a cougar, this rule always applies. They have heard every line in the book for pickup lines and when going into attracting a cougar, you have to think more formal. They are in the prime of their life and they like their young things, so you have to give them an obvious reason why they would want you!


The top marks for men and when they’re attracting a cougar is their level of sophistication. These women are highly intelligent and if they can find a man who matches them on that level then they will be all the more attracted to that man. The edge of sophistication comes not from intelligence but how complex your mind works, and how well you are at being formal while playing mental wars among people.

Along with sophistication, you have to be aware of your own clothing. If your knot isn’t tied right on the tie you’re wearing when attracting a cougar, they might actually find you repulsive. So along with being mentally capable of handling these cougars, you have to be able to look the part. This means that you need to look like the person you are while also looking like you could walk into a business meeting and blow the competition away.

When attracting a cougar, it becomes more and more difficult to focus on what will attract them. However, these women have more experience in the bed than most women that you know of. So enjoy playing with them both at their mini-bars and in the sack.