Younger Girlfriend — Keep Her Interested

Worried you won’t be able to keep up with your younger girlfriends constantly changing tastes?

Want to know how to make sure her attraction to you only grows with time?

I’ll tell you that and more… read on, my friend.

Keep it light, keep it fun, and keep it adventurous.

Maturity is more than her age.

Age doesn’t really say much about the person. Older people can be immature, just as younger people can be more mature. People all develop at their own pace. One thing is that young girls are a bit more lively, more energetic, and they like to party. A good way of keeping her around is by keeping things exciting and playful. Not necessarily being too truthful, and avoid getting into overly deep discussions with her.

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Make it fun.

But if you can provide a constant adventure, some form of excitement, and just make it fun for her, then she will enjoy herself more. The other thing about that is if you can demonstrate those qualities with young girls that you are meeting, it is going to make it much easier for you to turn them into girlfriends. These are the things you must implement, if you want to learn how to date young women.

Make it light.

The last she is thinking about is marriage… so don’t go there. Focus on being in the moment with her. Laugh with her, touch her, love her, make love to her, and show her the best time of her life. You can be light and fun with her, yet still have a great relationship. In fact, this can set the right tone for all of your relationships in your life.

Make it playful.

As we get older, we think we can’t play anymore. This is why everyone is so stressed and miserable. Young people understand that having fun is such an important part of our life. You can play with almost anything you do, so take the challenge and try to turn all that you do into… play.

Young girlfriends can be a lot of fun.

I enjoy being in the company of lively girls like that also because they motivate me to get out there and have more fun, and experience new adventures, whereas with an older girlfriend, she might prefer to just stay at home and watch TV together. It’s rare to encounter this kind of attitude in younger girls, who often prefer to party and go out.

Do you have questions about dating younger girls? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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